Conversations With Your Home

Guidance and Inspiration Beyond Feng Shui

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Publisher Description

In her third book "Conversations with Your Home," Carole Hyder goes radically beyond Feng Shui principles into a new dimension. She dares to open the door to the idea that a house is alive and vital and that it wants to help, to protect, and to inspire those who live within its walls. Through touching stories, her personal observations, and thought-provoking exercises, this book will guide you in having meaningful conversations with your own space in order to help you create your perfect life. "Conversations with Your Home" is a landmark approach to creating a sacred place you can call "home." Using her Feng Shui experience to propel her into new territory, Carole Hyder guides you into discovering the possibilities your home may offer. The first part of the book looks at your home from a psychological perspective, exploring how your home may already be indicating your future without you knowing exactly what it's saying. In the second part of "Conversations with Your Home," Carole offers exercises to help you make a connection with your home. Each exercise is intended to help you open the door to having an active communication between you and your space. The third part helps you understand your home by identifying an archetype that your space may be expressing. Nine different archetypes are presented for consideration, accompanied by a questionnaire to assist in discerning the unique energy your home may be holding. All three sections of the book are intended to help you build and nurture a healthy and vital relationship with your home. In doing so, you will realize that you are not alone in your journey but instead are connected to a conscious energy that happens to come to you in a spatial format. This energy can help you feel whole and safe so that, in the end, you can create your perfect life.

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April 1
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