Convincing the Countess

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A penniless widowed countess with trade in her blood descends upon the country manor of her sons’ negligent guardian, intent on confronting him about her boys’ futures. Instead, she finds his younger brother, a business-minded aristocrat with a penchant for widows and a distaste for emotional entanglements. A man who once witnessed her greatest humiliation. A man offering enticing distractions that threaten to derail all her plans.

Called home at Christmas to bring his older brother to heel and sort out the family finances, a baron’s younger brother wishes nothing more than to finish the task and return to his railway project. But when he finds his mother entertaining a fetching widow he met many years earlier as the unfortunate bride of a ne’er-do-well earl, temptation steers him along a different track, one that may derail all his plans.

Can he convince the reluctant countess to set a course for her future that includes him?

Previously published in the Mistletoe & Mayhem Regency Holiday Romance Anthology.

February 11
Havenlock Press
Havenlock Press

Customer Reviews

miaburke54 ,

Heartwarming Love Story

Alina K. Field’s “Convincing the Countess” is book two in The Upstart Christmas Brides Series took me a little bit to get into in the beginning because the was the Earl treated his wife was deplorable and hateful. He was cruel and unjust. I found it very heartbreaking. Alas, there must be villains and the author did an excellent job when she created the Earl. I do realize that sometimes in life, in order to get to the good things we have to go through the bad first. Having gone through the worst one can truly appreciate the best.

The story begins with the Earl of Glanford complaining and joking to his friend Fitz and George, Fitz’s younger brother about how he had married Sophie for her money and she had the audacity to be ill while pregnant with his child. The hateful Earl died and left Fitz, heir to Baron Loughton, guardian of his two sons.

Sophie had taken her two sons to the home of Sophie has taken her two sons to Baron Loughton’s home because the hateful Earl left them penniless. Since the death of his father Fitz has become Baron Loughton. Fritz is having difficulties and he’s ignoring his responsibilities to his mother and siblings, his daughter and his wards Sophie arrives to compel him to do what’s right for her son’s. His mother summoned his brother George home to help get the situation in hand.

When George sees Sophie being entertained by his mother he remembers how cruel the Earl had been that day long ago and he is determined to help her in anyway he can.

Sophie is an amazing character considering the cruelty she suffered at the hands of her husband the evil Earl. She is a wonderful mother who does all she can for her boys after being left penniless and has only the interest of her two sons at the forefront of her mind. She has maintained interest in her trade roots and even encourages her eldest son, who is heir to his father’s title in his interest in iron as a possible future. She has no interest in marriage and refuses to entertain the idea.

Though there are villains in the story, the characters are wonderfully written and I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging story. It was nice to see George’s family except Sophie and her boys and to see how George treated them. It was wonderful to see their love story unfold.

Thank you Ms. Field for the heartwarming love story.

Peg1951 ,

Railways, Diamonds, and Love

The first time George Lovelace met Sophie Clark, he had just walked away from her husband who was disparaging her to a group of his friends. She was standing in a garden awaiting her carriage. The next time he sees her is when he comes home for Christmas with his family. It seems that her deceased husband left guardianship of her two sons in the hand of George’s brother Fitz Lovelace, Baron Loughton. He has neglected this responsibility as he has most of his others according to his very worried mother. George wants to help put things to rights, Fitz’s personal mess, the estate, and the obligation to Sophie and her son’s. It doesn’t take long for George to realize that he is falling in love with Sophie. He adores her boys and treats them like family. It seems she might be taken with him as well, even though she is very cautious, having been hurt before. Can George help Fitz, calm his mother’s worries, AND convince the countess that he loves her and wants a family with her?

This is a lovely story. George comes from a large happy family, even though they are mourning the passing of the former baron, and they welcome her from the start. Sophie welcomes their ready inclusion of her and the boys. George’s siblings treat Artie and Ben like brothers. There are some secrets that need to be revealed, and there are some problems. George and Sophie have some interests in common that might help solve some of the problems. These two are intelligent and forward thinking. A formidable couple more than capable of facing challenges, and more than willing to grab their happily ever after. Good read. I recommend it.

I received an ARC of this book via Booksprout. My review is voluntary.

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