Cook Islands Travel Guide

The Most Comprehensive Travel Guide. Everything You Need to Know About Every Inhabited Island.

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Publisher Description

Want one reference source for everything you need to know about the magnificent islands of the Cook Islands?

Whether planning a vacation, or an exploration adventure, this 307 page fixed-layout Cook Islands travel guide has it all. Everything you need to know about every inhabited island of the Cook Islands.

This book is a culmination of four years living in and exploring every inhabited island of the Cook Islands, which blew our minds. This is the most comprehensive travel guide to the entire Cook Islands, ever.

Cook Islands stands up against much better known tropical islands. Its lagoons have a fantastic palette of blue colors. Without a doubt, the color blue was invented in the Cook Islands. Its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, and lush tropical vegetation add to its tropical vibe. At the same time, its laid-back and friendly Polynesian culture immediately transports visitors into a very chilled mode.

This travel guide is specifically designed to cater to the needs of two groups of people:

Tropical Escape Group. This group includes those that simply want an escape to a tropical island paradise and need to know what’s on offer and the things one can do while visiting. And we know what people want to know because we owned and managed the Dive & Surf Shop on Rarotonga, where we fielded many visitor’s questions.

The Island Adventurer. This group is keen to explore islands beyond Rarotonga and Aitutaki and wants to get out to the lesser-known islands, where few go. This guide provides all the information you’ll need to set up your outer island exploration and discover some amazing things while there. And, yes, we are qualified to provide answers to everything you need to know as we did it all ourselves.

When traveling and exploring lesser-known places, you need as much credible and current information as possible. This travel guide of the Cook Islands is packed with information we have gathered first hand.

We have packaged the information by island and in a way that is easy to follow with handy illustrations and many photographs. The islands of the Cook Island included in this guide are:

1. Rarotonga (the main island)
2. Aitutaki (hands down the most amazing paradise lagoon on the planet)
3. Atui
4. Mangaia
5. Manihiki (known for its black pearls)
6. Mauke
7. Mitiaro
8. Nassau
9. Palmerston
10. Penrhyn (One of the largest lagoons on the plant)
11. Pukapuka
12. Rakahanga

To assist you plan your visit and explore the Cook Islands, we have included:

1. Overview of the Cook Islands as a travel destination.
2. Detail maps of 9 major islands.
3. Detailed descriptions of traveling through the islands and lagoons.
4. Geo-codes of all the places referred to.
5. Full contact details for everything from transport, accommodation, eating, shopping, all activities on offer, and more.
6. We also added our top tips of things we think you must experience on each island.
7. Loads of photographs.

The typical content structure of each island is as follows:

• Island Introduction
• Quick travelers overview
• Island Map
• References and Geo-Codes to each point on the map
• Top Tip of things to experience on the island
• Emergency contact information
• Getting to the island
• Arriving on the island
• Where to Stay
• Getting around (transportation)
• Eating & Drinking
• Things to do
• Shopping
• Detail description of traveling around the Island and/or Lagoon

We wish you a wonderful time exploring the Cook Islands and discovering the many wonders it has to offer.

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