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Cooper Thompson was a take-it-on-the-chin type of guy. An attitude that had served him well as a Navy SEAL and now as an agent in his buddy's security and protection agency, but a few years back, it had faltered when he'd discovered the reason behind his adoption. A good portion of his self-worth had disappeared...along with his fiancée. Done with serious relationships, he sticks with the fun-seekers and steers clear of all others-especially the one with a sweet soul, long, silky blonde hair, startling blue eyes...and is the sister of one of his military brothers. Looking twice at the innocent girl he'd watched grow into a gorgeous woman is pure stupidity. She has always been forbidden fruit—one he very much wanted to taste.

Life for Abby Sharp is going well. Her brother survived active duty and lives close by. She owns a beauty salon that is just this side of successful and she's surrounded by good friends. There is only one thing left on her bucket list: To kiss Cooper Thompson in the rain. She's always had a crush on the guy, and since his arrival in town, she's discovered that not only has it not gone away, it intensified. But even though Cooper is a former SEAL, and her brother is former Delta, they still invoked the military brother code and never messed with family. Which is too bad because there's rain in the forecast, and her body is on high alert.

Discovering Abby's bucket list proves too much for Cooper's resolve and soon he's sharing more than kisses in the rain with the tempting woman. Still determined to stay on the light and casual road, he reluctantly agrees to keep their 'friendly' situation from her brother. After all, it's just a temporary fun walk on the wild side.

But when her life is put in danger, Cooper suddenly realizes his feelings for her are way more than 'just for fun' and he'll risk everything to save her.

March 31
Donna Michaels
Draft2Digital, LLC

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