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Brianna Evans, a beautiful, vivacious, and charming concert promoter, is the woman every man dreams of. Hard-working, engaging and fun, she bewitches men wherever she goes. Unfortunately, she does not see the trail of eager suitors behind her because her heart belongs to the one man who refuses to see that she is the perfect match for him.
Cooper Francis, the brilliant and powerful entertainment lawyer, is considered the smartest in the business. However, that intelligence fails when it comes to his private life. Innocently viewing Brianna as his best friend, he continues to hold her at arm’s length, despite the broiling chemistry between them. He cannot envision life without her in it, but he refuses to admit it to himself, let alone the world.

Then one night changes everything. After a single kiss under the mistletoe, his desire for Brianna grows until it culminates into a single passionate encounter that leaves him scared but elated at the same time. Frightened of his feelings and believing he has made a mistake, he flees from Brianna and jeopardizes their friendship beyond repair.

When his continued distance forces Brianna to face the truth that he will never commit, she decides to take matters in her own hands and move on with her life. Relocating back to Arizona to be closer to her family during a crisis, she decides to sever all ties from the man she loves and start over again.

Faced with losing his best friend forever, will Cooper set her free or find the truth in his heart? Can he overcome his fear and stubbornness to see the truth? Will he make the right choice before it’s too late?

August 20
Collette Scott
Smashwords, Inc.

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