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This Book is primarily addressed to those impassioned for justice and hope for the future because it provides expansive perspectives for the development of an economy increasingly honed on serving Humanity.

Inventors and conceptors from any discipline will find “solutions” suited to their focal problems: preservation of their secrets, receipt of their direct and international Intellectual Property, as well as cost-effective defense of their rights in the most secure conditions. 

This volume provides entrepreneurs and businessmen (from handicraftsmen to multinational executives) with “original methods” that stimulate motivation and prevent conflicts, thus encouraging a spirit of harmony amongst the various members of a business venture. Also included in this work are new means of maintaining confidentiality, as well as decreasing unfair competition and industrial espionage. 

Lawyers, accountants and business consultants will find various “efficient strategies” to market original products/services and defend originators’ rights. As a result, these strategies allow them to capture an emerging market in full expansion of more than eight million people. 

Patent agents will find “solutions” to three longstanding concerns: 

1 – officially establishing the authorship of the concept to the author of the specifications, 

2 – ascertaining, beyond any doubt, the author’s creation as his initial property, 

3 – preserving the secrecy of such a property and its resulting business strategy for as long as necessary: that is, until the author has assigned commercial rights to a third party that can afford, as the case may be, the filing, maintenance and legal costs of an international monopolistic title (e.g. patent). 

Investors and financiers will discover “vanguard formulas” to reap from an incredible pool of opportunities; formulas yielding optimally secure conditions for closing dynamic agreements with creators who, freed from their secular suspicions, can trustingly develop partnerships with enterprise leaders. 

As a consequence, Nations will exhibit an “accrued interest” in developing their economy, notably through new tax revenues easily generated by the “access democratization to Intellectual Property”, since brainpower is the primary and inexhaustible source of innovations, inducing jobs and wealth creation, whether they pertain to industry, services or arts.

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December 26
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