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If you want to double... even triple... the sales you make from your ads and sales letters, then this new book by top direct response copywriting Ben Settle shows you how.

The book is called: "The Copywriter's Crib Sheet"

And it contains over 40 chapters of quick, easy to implement copywriting tricks, tactics and techniques that can put more money in your pocket the FIRST time you use them.

Here are some of the secrets you'll find inside:

• How To Eliminate Anxiety And Procrastination When Writing Your Ads

• How To Squeeze More Money From Your Ads... Without Changing One Word Of Your Copy

• The Secret Of Turning Angry Customers Into Happy Buyers

• The #1 Mistake Copywriters Make That's Guaranteed To Make You Look Like Either A Liar Or A Flake

• How To Use Negativity To Multiply Your Sales

• How To "Outfox" Your Competition

• How To "Read" Your Customers' Minds

• How To Make Your Ads Easy For Your Readers To Chew, Swallow And Digest

• How To Make "Dry As Dust" Case Studies 100% Fascinating And Interesting

• How To Make The Newspaper Your Unofficial "Sales Assistant"

• How To Dramatically Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Premiums And Free Bonuses

• 100-Year-Old Copywriting Secret Makes All The Claims In Your Marketing Ten Times More Believable

• Why "Can't Refuse Offers" Hurt Response

• Another Copywriting "Rule" Bites The Dust

• How A Stupid Copywriting Mistake Killed An Otherwise Perfect Marketing Piece

• Why Sampling Is A Waste Of Time... And The Simple Thing To Do Instead

• How To Breathe New Life Into Dying Sales Letters

• How To Make More Money... By Hiding Your Ads

• How To Instantly Gain The Trust Of All Your Customers

• How To Create Money-Making Headlines "On The Fly"

• How A Simple Little "Tweak" To Your Copy Can Dramatically Jack Up Your Ad Response

• A Simple Copywriting Tip That Makes Marketing Problems Instantly Evaporate

• How To Use Your Stereo To Ratchet Up The Response Of Your Advertising

• How To Be "Number One" In Your Market... Without Having The Best Product Or Service

• How To Make Price Irrelevant

• Incredible Copywriting Secret Used By Cults And Marketing Gurus Creates Life-Time Customers Who Happily Pay You Money For Years In The Future

• How To Make "Crazy" Promises And Claims Totally Believable

• How To Make Your Marketing Promotions Irresistible To Read

• How To "Spice Up" Make Dull Guarantees

• How To Instantly Remove Any And All Hesitation About Buying From You

• How To Mentally And Emotionally Glue People To Your Ads

• How To Make Complex Products & Services Seem "Monkey-Simple" To Use

• Why You Shouldn't Always Use Testimonials In Your Ads

• The Incredible Copywriting Secret Of My Left-Wing Grandmother

• Rare Copywriting Secret (Used Only A Few Times In History) Leaves Your Competition Riding Your Coattails

• How To Get People To Look For Reasons To Buy From You

• Why Writing Ads In Your Doctor's Office Can Give You An Incredible Edge Over Your Competition

• The "Long Copy Versus Short Copy" Mystery Finally Solved

• A Truly Dorky Ad Written By A Certified Marketing Moron

• Why So Many Hot, Sexy Women End Up With Idiotic, Abusive Dorks

• And Much, Much More...

So, the bottom line?

This book is pure MEAT.

There is no fluff.

No long hours of reading or study.

Just dozens of simple, easy-to-implement copywriting secrets you can implement in your ads today and see results in your bank account by tomorrow...

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February 8
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