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She’s got the hots for her alien partner. He’s hunting an intergalactic evil. Will these two cops risk a kiss when it might lead to death?


New Orleans New, 2061. Detective Violet Baker wants a real man who can put up with the judgement of her police brothers. So when the hunky alien cop shows up to help her evacuate the city before the hurricane hits, she doesn’t care if his skin is purple. But she’s forced to place her craving for romance on hold when they discover a grisly murder planet side…


Intergalactic policeman Dzholh “Joe” Ban!drn has pursued his foe across light-years. He knows the telltale wounds on the corpse and the scanners on the fritz are sure signs that he’s almost cornered his evil nemesis. But with the threat so close, chancing even one kiss with the gorgeous Earthwoman could prove fatal.


As Violet scrambles to collect evidence before it’s destroyed by the breakneck winds, she can’t help but feel the officer is hiding something. And as much as Joe longs to trust Violet, he needs to keep her at arm’s length as they face a manipulative enemy deadlier than the approaching cyclone.


Can Violet and Joe solve the mysterious case before they’re blown away in a dangerous storm of emotions?


Core Punch is the first book in the suspenseful An Uneasy Future science fiction romance series, a spinoff from The Big Uneasy Series. If you like hot aliens, wry humor, and a galaxy-full of twists and turns, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ action-packed mystery.


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June 11
Pauline Baird Jones
Pauline Baird Jones

Customer Reviews

Contessajj ,

Sci Fi meets the Bakers...

I really enjoyed the tie in with the Relatively Risky Bakers. For a Sci Fi nerd this would be 5 stars, but I like a little more romance in my reads. Loved Violet's character, but Joe is really dry, even though I think he could develop a thing for Vi.

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