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Conservative estimates suggest that over 96 million Americans might be infected with the Coronavirus this year.


COVID-19 is real, and it’s not finished.


We’re all subject to information overload. Even mainstream news outlets have fallen prey to clickbait headlines and biased information. It’s safe to say everyone has a bias.

The Editors at SOFREP have strived to keep as center as possible with regard to right or left slant. Most American media is to one extreme or the next but, we believe, Americans have grown tired of this, and that there is room in the middle. This editorial stance hasn’t always been popular, but we’re not in the business of winning a popularity contest when it comes to our reporting—we’re in the business of creating long-term trust with our subscribers.


In the last eight years, we’ve covered major issues in America as they relate to Foreign Policy, Defense, and Security and carved out a niche for ourselves. We’ve broken major news around Benghazi, Libya, War Crimes, Syria, Terrorism, the Special Operations community, and more. So when COVID-19, commonly referred to as Coronavirus, landed on U.S. soil, we knew that we had our work cut out for us. “How can we contribute value without being alarmist?” was the question we asked ourselves.


Our attempt with this eBook is to do just that. Our goal is to be part of the solution, not the problem.


The advice in this book comes from several decades of combined practical experience in the Special Operations, military, and medical fields. Our main objective is to provide a practical guide to dealing with Coronavirus. We want to provide tips on how to prepare better and protect yourself, family, and loved ones.


This guide is not the end-all resource, but it’s rather a small piece in the larger solution puzzle. The Editors at SOFREP encourage you to stay informed (we recommend several sources of information in this book) and make grounded decisions based on facts. We understand, however, that sorting fact from fiction can be extremely challenging today with modern media news and social media spreading false or inaccurate information.


While we are a for-profit company, we did not publish this book to profit off panic. We hope this is reflected in the low price of the eBook—SOFREP subscribers get it for free. In fact, if you cannot afford to pay for this eBook or afford a subscription to our news site, we will give you a copy for free. Just write into our contact page at sofrep.com, explain your financial situation, and we will send you the book on us, no strings attached.

March 15
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Customer Reviews

greyspectrum ,

A very mixed bag.

This short book (about pamphlet length) is made up of short pieces by different authors, all of whom have backgrounds in either special operations or intelligence. The first two sections provide a general overview of the characteristics of COVID-19, while the third section focuses on how individuals and families can prepare. While short, these sections are admirably practical and to the point. Unfortunately, unlike the authors of the first three sections, the final author irresponsibly suggests that COVID-19 is a Chinses bioweapon, but provides no credible evidence to support this assertion. Instead, he makes his case through a constellation of insinuations: that the city of Wuhan is home to China’s only BSL4 lab, that the Wuhan market was inspected by officials before the outbreak, that the institute housing the BSL4 lab has published papers on coronaviruses (as any large bio lab housed in a university would). My own city, Boston, also houses a BLS4 lab, is home to many research universities (which publish papers about coronaviruses), and has various ethnic grocery stores. This isn’t evidence, it’s conspiracy mongering. I’m extremely dissapointed in SOFREP for publishing this. However, if you skip the last section by John Cote, the rest of it is completely reasonable and useful information.