Corp Security : The Series

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Years after the Marines brought them together, the men of Corps Security are together again.

These six novels follow their lives as they take a chance at love. Can love truly conquer all?

From broken souls to broken hearts, they all will find out if they'll get their second chance at happily ever afters and that love really is worth fighting for.

April 3
Harper Sloan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,

Highly recommended

This book is a second chance romance about Axel and Izzy. They met when she was 14 and he was 15 and fell in love. They are separated when Izzy is 17 and due to many unforeseen circumstances they don’t find each other for 12 years. This book has a high level of angst and I loved every minute of it.
They have many hurdles to overcome on their road to HEA and at times you just aren’t sure they can overcome their pasts to get back to each other.

I love the growly alpha men of Corps Secutity. This is the second book in the series and it is Greg and Melissa’s turn. Greg has been longing for the one since Izzy and Axel found there way back to each other in book one. He meets Melissa at the pediatrician’s office when he takes Izzy and Axel’s baby Nate to the doc for a fever.
There is no lack of drama in this story. Both Greg and Meli have suffered tragedy and because of that she has been closed off to men. Add into that a couple crazy people and one seriously adorable 3 year old, and you have one crazy intense ride.

This book was a roller coaster of emotion. This is Beck and Dee’s story and it was the biggest tearjerker so far. The story spans several years and many issues that Dee has to overcome to be able to accept the love Beck offers. I’m not going to say much here as I don’t want to give any spoilers but you may need to have the tissues handy when you read this one. I was sobbing and smiling at times. Sway and that jar of glitter. OMG!

This is a novella where we revisit the Cage family. This is a great read and I don’t really know what to say to keep from giving spoilers. You get the birth of Greg and Melissa’s twins with some complications, and a couple chapters from Cohen’s perspective. I love that kid. This is a great addition to the series and a nice glimpse back into the lives of one of our favorite couples. There is also a great epilogue that jumps 15 years into the future, you will love that little glimpse.

This wasn’t my favorite book of the series and maybe that is because we only just met Asher and Chelcie in the last book, Beck. Asher is in a loop of grief and revenge which has him drunk and sleeping around following the murder of his brother. Chelcie is hiding one big secret from Ash and she just can’t bring herself to tell him, and maybe push him out of her life. They want each other but can’t seem to get past their issues to find their way to each other. Harper Sloan has a way with writing drama that always draws me in. Once you finally think all is clear for their HEA something pops up that may take them away from each other forever.

Throughout this series I couldn’t wait to read Maddox and Emmy’s story and I was not disappointed. I feel so bad for both of them and the way they were raised. They both had such terrible families. Maddox took what was drummed into his head and internalized it. He believed that there was nothing good inside of him. Emmy took what was done to her and was determined that it would not rule her life. Both broken in their own way but choosing to go about life very differently. I’m so glad these two found their way to each other finally. There is another great epilogue here that gives us a glimpse into the future, and the second generation. I’m off to start the Hope Town series and to read about all the Corps Security children.

jericho's girl ,

Coooop! ☹️

Harsh! Not sure why Coop didn’t get his story. Introduction of Ash seemed abrupt. Not a fan of hand-me-down romance, so it was pretty icky to read about Chelcie and Ash. The other four were good.

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