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The accidental death case of a woman hanging upside-down is the last thing Kate Hale wants on her plate. Too close to the tampered cases she’s had to deal with from the fall out of the anti-fate groups of New Karma and Wyrd. Too risky with her ex, Kyle Dillingham, at her heels. And is her partner Ian Becker ready for the challenge? Or is it Kate that’s unable to accept her own unpredictable future? 

But when the case reveals more questions that connect it to her real target, finding out what happened to the elusive Michelle Kitman, Kate can’t resist cracking it open and coming clean to her pack. Even if it means she’s playing right into her enemy’s plan and fulfilling the Outlier Prophecy.

This is the sixth book in The Outlier Prophecies series. Books are better experienced when read in order. 

The Outlier Prophecies Series: 

Romancing the Null (Book One)

Big Bad Becker (An Outlier Prophecies Novella)

Conditional Probability of Attraction (Book Two)

The Werewolf Coefficient (Book Three)

Standard Deviation of Death (Book Four)

Shifter Variance (Book Five)

Correlation of Fate (Book Six)

Half Cup Magic (Ali’s book—Coming Soon!)

January 30
Smashed Picket Press
Christina Smith

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Paper Cranes Editing & Design ,

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The long-awaited last book in The Outlier Prophecies gives readers the suspenseful conclusion they were looking for with the same brand of wit and sass that Tina Gower is known for delivering through her variety of characters that readers will have definitely welcomed into their hearts by now.

As a final book, Correlation of Fate has managed to do what very few books in my opinion have managed to do well­­—answer my questions nicely and leave me with a satisfied ending, but also leave room for more. It manages to do this is such a way that the reader doesn’t require more to the story, but definitely wouldn’t argue if there was more—obviously with that same “as long as it doesn’t ruin it” effect.

The character development is always in-depth, as I’ve come to expect from this series—even giving the shadier characters some room to grow and gain a bit of our sympathy. We get a glimpse into our main villain’s reasoning behind everything that has happened so far—without trying to spoil any details—which gives readers a more full circle view of the type of society Kate and Becker find themselves in. The conflict, while resolved in this setting, leaves room for potential future conflicts from similar villains—as well as those who have lead these villains to such drastic measures to right how they feel they have been wronged.

As always, I couldn’t be more in love with Kate, Becker, Ali, and Lipski. Their dynamic feels like a real “family” of friends. They give each other a hard time, sometimes they get under each other’s skin, but at the end of the day they have each other’s backs (they may just have a sassy comment or two about it in the end).

I’m trying my best not to spoil too much with this being the final book in the series, so I’ll just overall say this series is worth the read. It’s a great ride with a great cast of characters and a unique setup.

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