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"Prepare to fall in love with the villain. To obsess over every interaction, and to read the book from cover to cover, over and over again!"   –NYT bestselling author, Anna Zaires

One claiming mark on her throat, another at her shoulder, Brenya Perin stands amidst the soft breeze above the glittering city ruled by her mate. And trembles.

She'd tried to run from her fate.

And failed.

Punishment came in the mania of her mate's obsession, in the Commodore's constant need for her.

In what he did to her. Twisting a pair-bond meant for two, chaining a third—a dangerous adversary with the power to destroy and desecrate her city.

Ambassador Jules Havel has committed atrocities beyond imagining, and now that she is bonded to her mate's enigmatic prisoner, only Brenya grasps that nothing will contain the foreigner from claiming revenge against his deceitful host. Revenge against the Commodore who thought to chain him. Revenge against her people for existing in a Dome ruled by a despot. Revenge against her for tempting his attentions, even if it was unintentionally done.

So she stands in the wind, aware that all who live under the Dome will suffer if she cannot supplicate the soulless monster calling to her from below. Unsure how to please him.

"Better than a dark lover running their thumb across your bottom lip. Get on your knees and read."  –USA TODAY bestselling author, Myra Danvers

CORRUPTED is a full-length novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Addison Cain. These pages are raw, exciting, and riddled with complication and emotion.

"Unconventional, passionate, thrilling! You'll be hooked from the first page!" –USA TODAY bestselling author, Alta Hensley

Fiction & Literature
March 21
Addison Cain
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

smrae ,

Another great book!

I loved this book! The continued character development and attention to detail is epic and demonstrates the authors dedication to providing a great story to readers. All the favorite characters are back and as dark as some of the plot can be I felt a very positive tone throughout this book. As crazy as these characters and their situations are there is some kind of healing and redemption happening. There is a cliffhanger at the end but that is the authors style and I appreciate a continued story that is not rushed. I am definitely looking forward to the next installment and more great stories from this author!

Nookworm1 ,

Great things come in small packages.

As usual Addison Cain delivers gripping drama and characters that evoke strong emotions from the reader. She’s a master of manipulation when it comes to your feelings for her characters. I absolutely hated Jacques in the first book but I am open to his redemption in coming installments of this story. We shall see...

My only negative is that for the price, this was a VERY short book. I’m all in on this series but feel a little jilted with the brevity of this installment. Seriously, did she charge us by the hour with overtime for how long it took her to write it? Hopefully the next book will be longer or less expensive. Still the genius of Addison Cain’s writing definitely deserves 5 stars!

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