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Cosmic Voice Volume No. 5 contains articles from Issues Nos. 19-22 of Cosmic Voice published by The Aetherius Society in 1959-1960. 

In this volume you will read about two fascinating accounts by Mary King, mother of Dr. George King. In September 1958 Mary King was informed of a rendezvous to occur with an extraterrestrial spacecraft in a few days. The place appointed was only a hundred yards from her house. She was shown around inside the spacecraft and informed of its operation. Later in January 1959 she was taken up in a spacecraft and met The Master Jesus who Blessed a copy of The Twelve Blessings she had brought along. She was also shown many things about the operation of the spacecraft.

Also contained in this volume are articles about Operation Starlight, which was started in England and later extended to America and other countries. Another important article in this volume is “The Lord’s Declaration,” a prophecy regarding the coming of the Next Master, who at some time will come and lead those who are ready into the prophesized millennium of peace and enlightenment.  

There are many Cosmic Transmissions and articles in Cosmic Voice Volume No. 5, including: Martian Spacecraft Lands In Devon, Operation Starlight, The Lord’s Declaration, Jesus Comes Again, Jesus Blesses His Bible, What Is Death?, First Transmission In U.S.A., Fight Ye The Evil and others.

The Cosmic Voices published by The Aetherius Society from 1955 up to 1962 represent in many ways the foundation of the teachings of The Aetherius Society. Together with The Twelve Blessings delivered in 1958 and The Nine Freedoms given in 1961 these teachings contain profound wisdom and revelations given in a straightforward simple way for anyone to understand and act upon to bring about greater peace and spiritual enlightenment on our world. These teachings do not contradict the ancient wisdom but present the truths in a more modern way to help us build a world of greater spiritual unity and brotherhood where all people work together for the common good.

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