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Union veteran Jacob Cotter’s goals are to finish Yale Medical School, help establish a hospital in a large untamed Texas town and find his father’s killer. In 1868 Connecticut, Cotter must also confront his siblings who disinherited him when his father, a former Yale surgeon, was murdered by Confederate rebels in 1864. Cotter uses his bounty hunter money for his Yale and New Haven expenses and while absorbing the innovations in anesthesia, surgery and antisepsis he’s also forced into a bloody struggle against his brother and sister. The confrontation threatens Cotter’s romantic relationship as he graduates Yale with top honors and heads to Endura, Texas. Cotter’s former Yale friend and colleague had written to Yale of an existing conflict in Endura between land baron Victor Vlack and its citizenry. In 1870 Cotter arrives at The Doctors Clinic and Hospital which is now under attack by Vlack. Vlack opposes establishment of Endura as a city and completion of its hospital. He further brings in forces to intimidate the town populace, one of whom is Cotter’s father’s killer. Dr. Jacob Cotter now, as in Connecticut, faces life as a doctor needing to use his sixguns. Cotter uses his experience as a bounty hunter to counter Vlack’s gunmen as a masked and clandestine Vigilante. His new sense of spirituality and newfound romance in the form of his widowed head nurse and her two children is threatened not only by Vlack but the return of his Connecticut fiancée. Cotter faces conflicts at all fronts–medical ethics, Godliness, family values and pioneer justice.

Fiction & Literature
March 28
Bublish, Inc.
Bublish, Inc.

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