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For 3,000 years, they have shielded us from harm in the gutters and alleys of every city on the globe. Now, the Sentinels of Right confront a lethal threat to their existence, at the hands of the humans that they have sworn to protect.
In order to safeguard their human wards, the guardians must also choose between renouncing their pledge to refrain from integrating themselves into the worldly culture of their charges or forfeiting their ethereal abilities to protect them.
Betrayed by traitors within their circle, the governing Sentinel councils plot to resolve their dilemma, while balancing their avowed adherence to the holy Creed of the Councils against the evolving morals and values of the society in which they operate.
It is a secret, unseen world pitted against the mortal determination of a pedantic human culture, with the future of both at stake.
Caught in the heart of this struggle is a by-the-book cop, a blind girl in love with one of the invisible Sentinels and a gutter-dwelling street Sentinel. Each sees the quandary from his or her unique perspective, and each must set aside personal biases in order to join forces and repel the threat that is directed at all of them.
Opposing the human cadre are Sentinels entrusted with key positions of power, who, simultaneously, view their mission through their own tint of reality. Both sides are focused on the identical objective: to protect the world from the ultimate moral challenges and defeat those that would destroy the fabric of their society.
The Council of the Pure must impose its will on a society that is governed solely by consensus and agreement, in order to overcome the peril that it faces. They also must do so, knowing that, to do so will mean the destruction of their society as it currently exists. Their choice is one of self preservation and the loss of their human protégés, or self destruction and the salvation of their mortal dependents.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 17
Robert Lee
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