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“A life-changing journey…" Crystal Andrus Morissette, S.W.A.T. Institute

International Bestselling Author Ava Miles guides us through unchartered waters to overcome the fears running our lives and relink us to our innate superpower of Courage, perfect for fans of Brene Brown.


This insidious, larger-than-life monster stops many of us in our tracks and keeps us chained in unhappy situations, living unhappy lives. 

People ultimately can’t stop us from achieving our dreams, though they may try. Fear, however, can simply flick her fickle finger at us, and we screech to a halt. 

In three words: fear’s a b*tch. And she’s looming large in our turbulent times.

What’s the antidote? The willingness to unravel the roots of our programming, ongoing fear thought management, and cutting-edge tools that tap into our inner courage.

In her work rebuilding warzones, Ava faced fears few of us can imagine. She systematically learned how to overcome these terrors and tap into her inner courage to help others. In this book, she shares a detailed overview of universal fears, everything from phobias to fear of the unknown, while also walking us through the roots of our own fear profiles that affect our relationships, life choices, and passions.

Life-changing tools in this book include:

• Facing down and overcoming pandemic fears
• Clearing fear patterns begun in childhood
• Spotlight Tools to analyze our physical and emotional fears
• Super Tools to address our personal fear profiles
• Take Back Tools for cultivating courage
• Cutting-edge exercises to relink our hearts to trust

Courage Is Your Superpower is part of The Lost Guides to Living Your Best Life series, a complete system to help us reclaim the nine superpowers essential to rocking life. 

* * *

Ava Miles is the international bestselling author of powerful books about love, happiness, and transformation. As a former conflict expert, Ava rebuilt warzones in places like Lebanon, Colombia, and the Congo to foster peaceful and prosperous communities. While rewarding, Ava recognized she could affect more positive change in the world by addressing the real roots of conflict and unhappiness. In becoming an author, she realized her best life: healing the world through books. Her novels have received praise and accolades from USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and Women’s World Magazine in addition to being chosen as Best Books of the Year and Top Editor’s picks. However, Ava’s strongest praise comes directly from her readers, who call her books life changing. The Lost Guides to Living Your Best Life represent the culmination of her work as a conflict expert, life coach, and wellness expert.


"Ava gives us the tools we need to reclaim our everyday joy and honest expression. Rediscover my inner superpowers? Yes, please! The Lost Guides are a world changer. Well done, Ava."~ International Bestseller and Kung Fu Master Kathia Zolfaghari

"A life-changing journey every woman will want to take."~ Crystal Andrus Morissette, Founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer)

"Miles' series is an exquisite exploration of internal discomfort and courage, allowing you to reclaim your divine soul and fully express your womanhood. I highly recommend."~ Dr. Shawne Duperon, Project Forgive Founder, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, on The Lost Guides

"Miles provides us with essential advice on how we can shed the beliefs that are making us miserable and find our way back to our inner goddesses... She guides us through the sometimes turbulent waters of the issues that matter most to us (relationships, sex, finances, self-expression, self-image, etc.). This is must read..."~ Angela Polidoro, former Editor for Random House's Ballantine Bantam Dell

"Pushing the envelope is edgy. Change is never comfortable. Ava Miles takes us out of our comfortable chitchat cocoon and shows us how to become those butterflies all women are destined to become no matter what they face in life. The series is a must-read."~ Risa Shimoda, Outdoor Leadership Consultant and President of The Shimoda Group, on The Lost Guides

"Let your adventure begin and unleash by reading this series."~ Anna Levesque, author of Yoga for Paddling, on The Lost Guides

"This series delivers empowering advice  without pulling any punches." ~ Liza M. Shaw, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist of PowerToThrive.com, on The Lost Guides

"Ava Miles is a courageous fellow writer whose mission is to empower all women." ~ Aspen Matis, author of the internationally bestselling memoir Girl in the Woods

"Ava gets to the heart of why some of us do toxic or hang around drama while helping us all realize we can have happy and loving relationships that don't clutter up our space or make us sick." ~ Courtney Cachet, Celebrity Designer & TV Personality

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Ava Miles Inc.

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