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Writings and Art by Courtney Harrington LeBoeuf

Dear friends,

We are so happy to give you an intimate look into Courtney's life through her writings and paintings.

She was such a gift to all who knew her and to those whose lives she touched.

Courtney was not only a lawyer, but also an environmentalist who loved to share her passion for the environment and the issues surrounding the destruction of it.  She loved working with children and opening their eyes to the "beauty that surrounds us every day."  She truly made a difference and her words continue to inspire.

Courtney wrote with sincerity, courage and eloquence in her journal.  By sharing her story, she inspired and encouraged many people to fight their own battles with cancer and live a passionate and purposeful life.

Her strength of character and refusal to give up on any individual or project throughout her short life enabled her to stand up to cancer and any obstacle that came before her.  She believed in herself and others with unbelievable passion.  In doing so, people gave back to her ten-fold, wrapping their arms around her, encouraging her, inspiring her to "carry-on.”  She never asked, "Why me?"  Courtney's perspective was "Why not me?"  She inspired not only people fighting their own battles with cancer, but people from every walk of life.  She encouraged all to truly live life to the fullest and most importantly, be happy.

We miss her smiling face, her words of encouragement, her wit, and her unconditional love each passing day.  The generosity of her family, friends, and supporters ensures that her legacy lives on through the Courtney Harrington LeBoeuf charitable fund.  Courtney's Fund educates and enriches through continuing support of The Breast Cancer Fund, Tulane University Law School Environmental Law Scholarships, the YMCA Camp Jones Gulch Outdoor Education program, and other worthwhile programs.

We hope you enjoy this inspirational book.  

Jay LeBoeuf

Sharalyn and Tom Harrington

Health, Mind & Body
December 7
Courtney Harrington LeBoeuf
Jay LeBoeuf