Coven: Books 1-3 Bundle Coven: Books 1-3 Bundle
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Coven: Books 1-3 Bundle

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David Neth’s urban fantasy series follows sister witches Samantha and Kathy as they face mythical creatures, monsters, spirits, and more magical foes.

This bundle contains Harpy, Siren, and Valkyrie, books 1, 2, and 3 in the Coven series.


Saving him is their job, but it won’t get his victim justice.

Samantha and Kathy are witches who protect the nonmagical from evil. So when they spot a coven of harpies targeting Mark, a nonmagical man, they immediately rush to save him. 

With the threat of the harpies still looming over Mark, the sisters learn more about him and the target on his back. Namely, that the harpies are hunting him to drag him to hell to pay for his crimes against a young woman. However, that presents a dilemma for Samantha and Kathy: do they follow their duties as witches and save the man who harmed a young woman or do they step aside and let the harpies drag him to hell to pay for those crimes?

The clock is ticking and the longer it takes Samantha and Kathy to decide what to do, the more innocent people that will be hurt by the harpies while they wait to sink their claws into Mark.

Harpy is the first book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel series to the Under the Moon series. 


Sometimes betrayal is just one small act…

While scouting possible wedding locations on Presque Isle, Samantha and Kathy cast a spell to prevent a man from driving his boat right onto shore. Shrugging it off as a close call, the sisters return their focus to their lives: Samantha’s upcoming wedding, and Kathy’s struggling personal and professional life. 

However, their little diversion spell ignites the fury of Heather, a siren who lives to sway men in loving relationships into a fiery betrayal that results in their death. She turns her attention to the men in the witches’ lives as payback for foiling her plan on Presque Isle. After several close calls, Samantha and Kathy force their boyfriends to coexist in one house so they can protect them, but the siren’s attacks keep hitting closer to home. 

With tensions rising in the overcrowded house and everyone almost at their breaking point, the witches must find a way to stop Heather before she can succeed in her mission to kill their men.

Siren is the second book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel series to the Under the Moon series.


The end of the world might be sooner than they think.

The valkyries secretly hand-select fallen heroes to bring back to Valhalla to prepare for the final battle. While out at a nightclub, Kathy witnesses a valkyrie collect a dying man’s soul. Thinking the valkyrie is doing harm, she tries to fight her off, but loses. 

Back in Valhalla, the valkyries view their lapse in secrecy as a sign that the final battle is beginning. They capture Kathy and bring her back to Valhalla while they rally their army to send into battle.

Meanwhile, Samantha is reeling from having told Steven she’s a witch. But when she discovers Kathy’s gone missing, she puts her strained relationship aside to save her sister, only to end up in just as much danger as Kathy. 

With the valkyries preparing for war, Samantha and Kathy must prove that they mean no harm in order to return to their normal lives. But the end of the world might be sooner than they think.

Valkyrie is the third book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel series to the Under the Moon series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 13
DN Publishing
David Neth

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