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How great will you feel once you realize, that you are a successful man, dating & seducing beautiful women?

Covert or Conversational Hypnosis is just one way to achieve your romantic goals, now!
You do not have to buy this book, but we humans crave simple solutions to our most pressing problems, do we not? Complete your order, and learn how you can use easy language patterns to create intense connections.

Just imagine talking to a beautiful girl in a bar, on the streets or at a party: Do you notice how spellbound she's become? More and more spellbound with every word you say? This is quite normal, you just have to know how to flip the switch & start communicate like the true seducer you are.

You are here, in front of your computer or phone. It's great to feel this wave of anticipation, the knowledge, that you are about to go on a great journey. Buy "Covert Hypnosis" now – no need to thank me as your success is what matters most – in this moment, tomorrow, in a years time...

PS: This is not just a cheap guide on how to pick up girls! No stupid lines to say, no "pua openers"!

Read this book to discover a mindboggling technique to find & keep classy ladies, a girlfriend or even the woman of your dreams! Let's just be friends? A thing of the past :) Perfect your direct game, get kiss closes, number closes and get laid quickly! Why be an average frustrated chump if you be a player, a casanova, a modern don juan? The art of attraction goes hand in hand with hypnotic rapport!

Are you a sceptic? I was too but: Hypnotism is no stupid trick, but a surefire way to reach your most exciting relationship goals!

Is ericksonian hypnosis real? Is it all a show? No. Take me up on this offer now and learn how to hypnotise someone beautiful and escape the friend zone forever - just by using hypnotic language.

February 23
Liam Aiden
Draft2Digital, LLC