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Revenge came at a heavy price.

Valkyrie hacker Amber Brown is deadly in her own right, but her preferred weapon is a keyboard. So after her teammates left her for dead, she took her revenge the way she was trained to—swiftly and brutally. Except one of her targets might be innocent. To right that wrong, Amber vows to rescue the at-risk Valkyrie no matter the cost, and this time she's working alone. So when a sexy stranger shows up in the middle of a firefight and announces he's been sent by her sister, it's going to take a whole lot more than his word to make her trust him.

Chasing redemption may prove deadly.

Elite gun for hire Jesse Cordova lives on the edge of the law. When a new job offer sets off warning bells, he digs deeper and finds the startling truth. The woman he's been tasked with capturing is a secret government assassin, and Amber Brown is unlike any target he's gone after before.  But bringing her in opens them up to a whole new level of danger, pitting them against one of the most ruthless assassins in the world. Now that the sexy Valkyrie has stolen his heart, Jesse will risk everything to see their mission through—knowing that the only way this ends is with one of them dying.

July 30
Kaylea Cross Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

neecee2hj ,

Covert Vengeance

Exciting storyline. I enjoyed the action and strong women


Great story of strong women

Page turner, wonderful characters will read them all in this series.

ChrisIsEpic1 ,

Great book, fantastic series!

If you’ve followed me or my reviews for even a short amount of time, you know I’m a fan of Kaylea Cross and have been for quite some time. I think she does a wonderful job weaving a web of suspense and slowly untangling the threads to allow for the characters to have their HEA by the end of each book. And she does it all without untangling the suspense to the point that the web falls apart so that you keep wanting to come back to the next book in the series to find out the ultimate bad guy(s)––or gals. Suffice it to say that she is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. And Covert Vengeance is one more reason why I continue to keep her on my automatic 1-click list.

Even though Covert Vengeance can be read as a standalone, it really does give you a better understanding of the background of why Amber is on the mission she’s on and why she feels like she has to do the mission to atone her guilty feelings. But you’re only 1 book behind, so why not start there?! I highly recommend Stealing Vengeance too! (You can read my review of Stealing Vengeance here.)

Jesse Cordova is contemplating his future when he is originally hired to capture Amber Brown. But he figures out pretty quickly that something isn’t quite right about the “hit” he decides to accept on Amber. (Don’t you just love a hero that works in gray areas but ultimately gives in to his good side?!) With the help of her sister, other surviving Valkyries, and some new friends that are quickly becoming her family, can they take out this new threat as they work to find out––once and for all––who is behind the biggest threat the Valkyries have ever faced?

NICUnurse’s Rating: Kaylea Cross has a talent for spinning a tale of heart-pounding moments (that aren’t always about the suspense!). Her books usually keep me up way too late or have me ignoring kids, the dog, and any other responsibilities I have if I actually begin reading them earlier in the day. Covert Vengeance did NOT disappoint! I’m literally counting down the days until I can get my grabby little hands on the next book. I give Covert Vengeance by Kaylea Cross 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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