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Former British rockstar, Declan St. James knows sex and he knows women. What he doesn’t know is how to stop running from his past mistakes. 

Holly Camden can’t seem to balance her wild cowgirl side with her quest to become a psychologist. 

 When they meet, he sweeps her off her boot-blistered feet and into his arms with a promise to teach her all of the finer points of making love (the dirtier the better.) 

And with one scorching kiss, Holly knows it isn’t balance she needs. It’s him.

Only one problem – Declan is also Holly’s human sexuality professor. And there’s much more on the line than an academic code of ethics. 

No one can know they’re together. Drawn to one another with magnetizing force, they cannot stay apart. 

If they’re found out, his career, her education, his citizenship, everything she’s worked so hard for, and his last chance to succeed at something that might take away all of the pain he inflicted in his youth go up in flames. 

But the lessons Holly requests are more than he could ever deny either of them. 

Will the fire burning between them be enough to make it worth everything that could be destroyed when their relationship is discovered?

October 18
Realm Press
Jill Richardson Neal

Customer Reviews

Liddymae ,

Cowgirl education

Good read , can’t wait to read next book in series

Amanda92478 ,

Hot Cowgirl and Badboy Rockstar

Holy bad boy! Who does not want a bad boy rockstar sex machine?? Holly knows she does! And she will do anything to prove it! From the country to the city nothing or no one can come between them.

When Holly was stood up at the bar by a Class A jerk, Dec was there to soothe her sorrows! And the next week was pure hell and hotness leading up to their "first" time!

Now, if Dec can keep his demons away to show Holly he is stronger than his temptations even in the most difficult situations. And they are definitely put to the test. But when you have a cowgirl like Holly that will not give up on you, you have all you need!

If you want hot, steamy, romantic, country boy sex you definitely want to read the Camden series! You will feel like they have you a place at moms dinner table on the ranch!

MikkaJane ,

This is Holly and Declan's story!

What to say about this book. I totally loved it for one! It is a must read for two!

One encounter, that's all it takes to get hoooked. Holly and Declan meet. They start daing...well, sort of anyway. They both kind of already know that they are meant to be together, and they fall hard. They can't get enough of each other even though it's only been a week. But they do know that being together is not an option for either of them...

Holly is the youngest of the Camden kids. She has three older brothers (Austin, Luke and Grant, respectively) and one older sister (Natalie). She is also cousin to Brock Camden, her father's brother's only son. Holly is a psych stdent at University of Nebraska and is majoring in Sex Therapy. She is having trouble with telling her parents what she is actually studying, mostly because she is afraid of how they will react. Holly's only goal this year is to be chosen and advised by Dr. Newsome, head of the Psychology department, at her school to get ther Doctorate degree.

Enter Declan St. James, ex-pat from Britain. He is called the Love Doctor. He works at Lifespan, a Psychology Clinic in Lincoln. His every hope for getting his green card, to stay permanently relying on his job. Abruptly getting pulled from his work, to go and teach at University of Nebraska, he is very unhappy about it. His biggest frear of this, by working at a University? Staying away from the dealers there. As a recovering addict, he has a certain schedule that he likes to stick to in staying clean. Going to teach at the school makes that routine much harder. But what could be harder than that?

Staying away from his girlfriend when he discovers that she is assigned to his class. And you can imagine the rest....or, just read the book.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did. Cheers!

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