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Zeph always knew he was a weapon. He didn’t count on being a spy. He’d made a dangerous bargain with the Director of Jacker Technologies at DARPA—he would let Wright test his mutant mindjack ability if she’d release his parents. Simple. Occasionally painful. And the screams of his victims fill his nightmares. But it will be worth it as long as she can’t crack open his head and find out his sister, with her super-surge jack-ability, is still alive. And if his parents are set free. Once that happens, he’s gone. Even if it means giving up everything he’s just now getting back. A home. Friends. A girl who believes in peace and love even when the world is falling apart.

But as the shock of assassinations and bombings and hate killings continue to pull at the threads that hold society together, Wright hands him a mission he can’t possibly complete. If he does, it will tear everything apart. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose everyone he loves.

Sometimes being a powerful weapon is the most dangerous thing of all.

The bestselling Mindjack Series continues, diving deep into a world of mindreaders and mindjackers where being different means staying hidden… or struggling to stay alive.

Young Adult
April 12
Twisted Space LLC
Twisted Space LLC

Customer Reviews

samray130 ,

Another Great Mindjack Novel

I enjoyed this newest installment of the Mindjack Series. The second installment told from Zeph's perspective, we watch as all of the balls he is attempting to juggle in the air manage to interconnect with each other and follow along as Zeph attempts to navigate through it all.
What I have enjoyed most about this story, and preceding installments of this series is how the world building grows with each story and the complexity of the story is enhanced the further along the reader goes. The tone of this novel is darker and more mature, and it highlights how the author has matured in her writing as well.
The Mindjack series takes heavy themes and manages to transform them into a story that is compelling and entertaining; this newest installment is no exception to that standard. I highly recommend this series and Cracked Open in particular. I cannot wait for the conclusion of Zeph's story in the novel to come!

RollTide1585 ,


Patiently waiting on the next book. Please hurry lol. I am also waiting on the next book in the singularity series. Just finished the last book in that series while waiting. Going to start the third daughter now.

christinaraven ,

Another great book for the Mindjack series

Another chapter in the Mindjack series told from Zeph's point of view is out to get addicted to. Zeph has decided to "work" with the fun Dr Wright to hopefully find and rescue his parents and learn whatever he can to survive. Full of action, twists, wondering what/who's side is Zeph is in this chapter, and other outright fun, I thought it was a great read. Kept me guessing just enough that the time flew by and I was done. I was hooked from the first chapter again as had to see what twists I was in for and was not disappointed. Cannot wait for the third book in this story arc to see how it all ends, for now. I love this future imagined world.

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