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Ted Bell's first ever e-Book exclusive short story finds Counterspy Alex Hawke in hostile foreign waters, flying at nearly the speed of sound, at an altitude no sane man would dare, piloting an F-16 Viper on a highly covert mission.

His task is simple: enter another nation's airspace undetected, meet a secret contact, and find a way to avert a global war. It will take every skill at his command—but there are few as shrewd and savvy as Alex Hawke. When his plane is discovered by enemy radar, he is forced to improvise—or die trying.

Alex Hawke. Saving the world one bullet at a time.

Includes a 98-page sneak preview from Phantom, the exhilarating, new novel in the Alex Hawke series.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 6
William Morrow

Customer Reviews

Olovac ,

Crash dive: A great book,Pity I only received half then Phantom please fixg

I only read the first half of the book,Crashdive and then the book Phantom appeared so I could not finish the really great book Crashdive. I love Ted bell (possibly he's my new favorite author) but want the rest of the book Crashdive. please fix this error and restore my faith(hanging by a thread) in electronic books. I haven't purchased a real paper book in almost 18 months. I had my serious doubts in the beginning. I was the last teacher to teach the proper way to open a book. There are legions of Special Ed. Kids on Staten Island who will let you know if your spine had gone past 180 degrees for no purpose. I would pleas like the entire Book that paid for and want to read because now I am aTed Bell (rabid) fan. Can someone please help me if the book is out now, thank you

fpg68 ,


There better be a .99 cent CREDIT for the book when it comes out.

ga4three ,

Crash Dive

I bought this because I like Ted Bell. The store only d/l 53 out of 368 pages. What's with that?
I didn't see anything that indicated that this was a sample or preview of the book.
What a rip off. I'm sticking to the free books from now on.

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