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He conquered an Empire - and she's next.

The most savage Alpha in the land is relentlessly searching for his Omega

And she's hiding right under his nose.

Knowing her life would be over if Emperor Drocco ever discovered she was an Omega, Cailyn is trapped in a desperate struggle.

She came for his secrets, prepared for his arrogance and wild nature, but not for the effect he would have on her.

Now she must fight to escape not only the ruthless Alpha, but also her own desires.

CRAVE TO CONQUER is a full-length fantasy romance novel beginning a dark and steamy Omegaverse romance that delves into the depths of redemptive, carnal love. For fans of faithful Alpha anti-heroes and captive romances. Cliffhanger included but this trilogy is complete.

Crave to Conquer includes romance and situations of a dark nature. Some aspects of this story may be sensitive for some readers. For aged 18 and over.

January 15
Zoey Ellis
Quill Ink Books Limited

Customer Reviews

Karebearaa ,

Could have been better written

There is a right way and a wrong way to write Alpha/Omega books. The author went the route of using abuse and rape while trying to spin it as romance. I did not agree with this direction. If this type of topic material is not for you, then I’d advise against reading.

kpperry429 ,

Craved to read more

Page turner! I couldn’t put it down. Great story line, world building , and excellent detail makes this tale epic. Drocco , an Alpha emperor finds his true mate but can’t figure her out but they are both so stubborn. He uses their sexual chemistry to bond them together. Cailyn is an Omega spy who fights hard not to fall for her man. Magic, mystery, and deceit are everywhere. Hot sexy times as well as true intimacy puts this into a fantastic category of its own. Some may be hard to read but to see both sides of the story it makes sense. I cannot wait to finish the series.

WendyKingston ,

Rape warning

You can either find the premise romantic or insulting. Either way, you can't deny that she was raped with torture (via the bulb) as a means to gather intelligence. Then she was groomed, using her own anatomy against her.
What happens is aberrant, disgusting & for the 1/3 of women who have been raped in their lifetime, it may be a book you want to avoid.
That some ppl say their relationship is romantic... Ugh.
I have read a similar theme where "heat" lasted one day, not seven,which was treated in a much more sensitive manner. You can have both sexuality as well as show the ugliness, not confuse and/or combine the two. I'd avoid this book.

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