Craving Recovery

An Alcoholics Guide to Rehab & Life Afterwards

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Publisher Description

Craving Recovery is an open & honest account of alcoholism resulting from childhood trauma and how the disease of alcoholism impacted my life and my family's. After decades of drinking, recovery was desired and thus I sought out the help needed to detox safely, to finally open up and address the issue that caused the excessive drinking and through the recovery process restored relationships and improved not only my life but everyone's life around me.
Craving Recovery not only speaks to the alcoholic but also to the people dealing with a loved one with a drinking problem.
For the Alcoholic: Rehab is glamorized in the media and there are numerous myths and stigmas attached; allow me to take you through what it is actually like by way of my first-hand experience. Additionally, what does life after rehab look like; support groups, therapy, addressing your guilt & shame, identifying and dealing with the root cause of your drinking, alcohol cravings, triggers, your sober social life, relapse prevention, and living a happy and fulfilling life in sobriety.
For the loved one dealing with a problem drinker: Alcoholism is a family disease; I will walk you through the process of communicating with your loved one, intervention and available options. Additionally, I will address how to recognize the traits of an alcoholic, lying & withholding, support groups, and most importantly how sobriety can change the life of your loved one, your family and yours for the better.

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February 27
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Customer Reviews

Ty A Guthaus ,

I loved this book!

This story is much more than a ‘how to’ for overcoming alcoholism. The author lays out tools we can all use and apply to our daily lives. This is a story of forgiveness and of finding self love. It’s a story of facing hard truths that hold us back. While alcohol may not be my own weakness, this book helped me face things that often prevent me from being my best self and giving my very best to those that I love.

We all have our ‘shadow monsters’ that we must face in our lives. Once we face these head on and find the right support and tools, we can truly become better versions of ourselves. I find myself reading segments of Craving Recovery over and over - Joshua spent 10 days in a program, then lost his job and had to work 3 jobs and 100 hours per week to support his family and pay the bills! It got very, very hard. But once he faced his truth, he could not turn back. He kept fighting and moving forward. Inspiring!

If you like stories of redemption and if you want practical tools to improve your own life and habits, this is your book!!

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