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Warning: This book is a hot and heavy, non-stop, panty-soaking thrill ride that will leave you breathless.

No one betrays Harley Mason and lives to tell about it. For the first time in years, Harley craves revenge—the darker and dirtier, the better—but she has no choice but to put aside her pain and work with the man who deceived her. A precious life depends on it.

His wicked friend, his sweetest enemy—Clay realizes too late that he doesn’t want to live without Harley. As they race against the clock to thwart a drug lord, he vows to do whatever it takes to prove his love, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

She needs his help.

He needs her heart.

And neither of them is giving up until they find their crazy beautiful forever. 

* *Crazy Beautiful Love is the second book in the Kidnapped by the Billionaire romance series. It should be read after book one.* * 

January 6
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

NajahIman ,

Wow just wow

Wow!! I was shocked with book 1, and book two has done it again!! Sex gets steamy, romance starts and stops. They are out for each other's blood but at what cost? Man this book is deviant but I don't care! I couldn't put it down and have read the series twice. It's that good! The character development is great and she has a way of making you truly care about her characters. You feel their plight! I can't talk enough about the sex! Although my husband hates that I pay him no attention while I'm reading. He sure does appreciate the hot sex we have after. This book leaves you wet the entire time and always wanting more and wanting to try new things. She is the master and I am the student!! Keep up the great writing I'm a forever fan! If you like steamy hot muscle bad boy and hot girl get it on, this book is for you!! If your used to romance and not mad I hate you sex, you'll probably still like this book. She's that good!

NajahIman ,


Loved this book, well loved the trilogy. Easy to read and great character development. Hot and sexy scenes even in high stress. My favorite part is by far the faked sex scene. So funny!! The addition of comedy to action, stress and drama was amazing. I have gotten nothing less from this author.

Szmoromou ,

Second Chances

Crazy Beautiful Forever is the last of Lili Valente's Dirty Twisted Love series. Crazy basically sums up Harley and Clay's relationship. They have been through so much and although they hate each other they can't deny the love they have for each other. In this book Harley is once again betrayed by Clay. Clay is ready to take away the one thing that means the world to her, Jasper. However his last minute change of heart is crumbled when a bigger threat changes the game. Now Harley and Clay have to work together to bring their son home. Clay determined to make his wrong right, tries to verbally and physically convince Harley that he LOVES HER while they get closer to finding Jasper. Harley wants to believe what Clay is saying and showing is true, but she has been fooled too often to trust him. One thing both Harley and Clay do agree on is that no matter what they will get Jasper back. The closer they get to reaching Jasper, the more danger they put themselves in. The line between pretend and reality so easily smeared making it harder for them to deny their desires. Will Clay and Harley get to Jasper in time? Will there finally be a happily ever after for these two crazy beautiful lovers?
As always Lili Valente has blown me away. She never disappoints, delivering a story filled with adventure, passion, love, forgiveness, suspense and acceptance. Thank you Lili

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