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First Group Sex, First Lesbian Sex, Hell... First Everything

Here are five scorching stories from bestselling erotica author Nancy Brockton. Lovely girls experience sexual firsts like never before in steamy situations that range from group sex with strangers to slut wife threesomes. First anal sex completely out of the blue? Nancy has it covered! Girl on girl frolic with an incredible first lesbian experience? You can count on Nancy for that as well! It’s red hot and ready for download so click now to travel along with the lovely heroine’s ready to experience sexual firsts in explosive and sexy ways!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various first sex encounters. It includes first group sex, first anal sex, first rough sex, first lesbian sex, first double penetration, and more. It is intended for mature adults who won’t be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

An Erotica Story

It all happened so completely unexpectedly. My best friend and I walked into the upstairs room to try on some new outfits and we found out Charlie was there. We’d just showered after skinny dipping, and we thought all of my brother’s friends had left the cabin so we walked into the room naked. I never could have predicted Theresa’s reaction…she kissed me! Before I knew it, I was having my first lesbian experience with my best friend and we were both having sex with a guy I barely knew! I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d have a threesome, and I never thought I’d have lesbian sex with my best friend!

2. BACKYARD BABE BANGED (My Unexpected Orgy Experience)

A Group Sex Erotica Story

Thia enjoys the privacy of her apartment’s backyard because she can sunbathe in private and it reminds her of her home. This college student needs all the memory of home that she can now that she’s in the big city. She finds out that it’s not so private when a cute young lady named Alice calls her from a second floor balcony and invites her to a party. She finds out right away how different parties in the city can be. It’s an all-out orgy with plenty of rough sex, and Thia will have her first lesbian experience and even take on two men at once!

3. THE LESBIAN STRAP ON THREESOME (Every Hole Filled...By Girls!)

A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story

Who says a night of studying has to be boring, and who says you need cocks to have double penetration? In this scorching story, study night turns into a scorching evening of first lesbian sex and strap on dildos that fill our lucky students with more than memories! Nobody does first lesbian sex encounters like Nancy Brockton, and this story is sure to please.

4. ROUGH SEX FOR MY FIRST THREESOME (Group Sex with My Best Friend and Her Husband)

An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story

My best friend and I had fooled around for years but we never took it far. It was all just sexy pinches, very light kissing, and pretending we’d do more. One day, we tried on new sexy outfits and played around like we always did, and while I was giving her a little peck, I felt her husband’s hands on me! Sally and I were both shocked but Bobby didn’t give us much chance to think about it at all! He was rough as hell, and for some reason I really, really liked it!

5. THE ANAL SEX MASSAGE (The Cougar’s Backdoor Experience)

A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

When a new massage therapist showed up for my regular appointment, I was stunned. He was so damned young and so damned sexy. I felt like a foolish old woman. After all, how could a young stud want me, a divorced woman in her thirties? Herbie proved me wrong, though. He gave me the best massage of my life, and he took it a hell of a lot further, too! Who would have thought I’d not only be having sex with a younger man but I’d have my first anal sex experience as well?

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September 13
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