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What does it mean to make a Crazy Impact?  In today’s society of 7 billion people, creating a lasting legacy becomes more competitive every day.  This book contains panel authors and speakers who explore ideas and stories to inspire your greatest contribution at work, home and in life.

A leader must consider their legacy to become a model of leadership that inspires a future generation.  If you see yourself as a leader and influencer, don’t settle for simply making an impact… your life must be about making a CRAZY IMPACT.

There are impact makers all around us, but what makes them different?  They are individuals, like you and me who have a passion and are willing to share it.  

This broad reaching book will show you a variety of clever ideas ranging from how to create a culture of laughter in your workplace to curing “zombie employees” in your company.  Celebrity authors including Tom Ziglar and Rick Justus share their ideas, such as Rick Justus’ quest to help 1 million entrepreneurs positively impact society.  

In this book, you will discover:

• How to reach 1 million people

• Creating lifelong influence

• Tricks for retaining your competitive edge

• Curing “zombie employees” in your workforce

Be inspired to connect more deeply with your world.  Use these powerful lessons, weaved into the lives of people like you and me. This is not to teach you how to make an impact but to inspire you to have an impact now.  There is a big difference! 

Are you ready to make a crazy impact in your world?  Get ready for the ride of your life, with inspiration to achieve the very thing that matters the most to you.

Business & Personal Finance
April 8
Made for Success Publishing
Made for Success

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