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This special hucow bundle contains four stories featuring nursing ménages, exhibitionisms, and relationships that overflow with cream and the men desperate to taste them.

The four book collection includes:
Cream & Coffee (Hucow Exhibitionism)
Hucow For Sale (Exhibitionism Cuckquean BDSM)
Hucow Wedding Ménage (Exhibitionism Submission Cuckold)
Hucow Medical Examination (Exhibitionism BDSM Submission)

Cream & Coffee (Hucow Exhibitionism)
Shy hucow Ginny thinks herself lucky to get such a good job at a high end cafe. When she forgets to add milk to the coffee for one of their most important clients, she has to make up for it by allowing the customer to savor the milk from her luscious body as everyone watches... and join in the fun. Will she be able to find sensual release as they drain her of her milk, dozens of hands punishing, teasing and touching her to bring her mind to new heights of desire?

Hucow Medical Examination (Exhibitionism BDSM Submission)
Anna would do anything for her master. However, when he offers her to a professor for a medical examination, she finds herself completely out of her comfort zone. As she lies helpless on the examination bed, virile hands fondle and squeeze her, drinking her cream to bring her mind to new heights of sensuous relief. The curious young hunks quickly grow tired of just touching and tie her down to take her any way they can while a machine pumps her dry.

Hucow Wedding Ménage (Exhibitionism Submission Cuckold)
Natalie's excitement on her wedding day is dampened only by the superstition that prevents her fiancé from touching her an entire week prior to their wedding night. When her breasts start filling up right before it's time for her to walk down the aisle, he asks his two strong, hunky best men relieve her pressure... while he watches. Can innocent Natalie take both men at once or will they be too much for her to handle?

Hucow For Sale (Exhibitionism Cuckquean BDSM)
When stoic and sexy Nathan Cole buys Jessica from the farm after months mistreatment by the horny farmer, the last thing she expected was to be shown pleasures beyond her wildest dream as he takes her in the great outdoors while strangers watched. However, when he brings her home to continue using her in front of his dominant wife, tables are turned and Jessica is exposed to the thin line between pleasure and pain. She writhes and struggles as the dominant woman uses a device to bring her body ablaze with lust.

Fiction & Literature
August 3
Boruma Publishing
StreetLib Srl

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