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There is so much motivational content out there – speakers, coaches, books, videos, podcasts, etc. All that is designed for us to consume and get inspired and eventually (as well as hopefully) produce something. In reality, only a handful of those motivators are able to get their message through while most of the others simply recite somebody else’s work. There is one unique person that I can quickly use as an example here – Gary Vaynerchuk. He, in my opinion, has had more success than any other motivational speaker or a life/business coach in terms of pushing people to actually do things instead of just sitting and consuming all this content to only continue dreaming. I myself is one of those people who allowed his message to get through which made me produce real tangible things both in my career and personal life.

But as effective as people like Gary and a few others can be, it may still be helpful for some folks to be able to visualize how exactly a chain of events can unfold when you make the first step towards something. My life doesn’t fall short of being one of the most non-standard stories and as I look back and analyze how certain things happened to me, I can trace most of them back to very specific actions that in most cases I had to force myself to take the first step.

In this book, I will walk you through three examples of some of my journeys that I believe would have not happened if I didn’t create certain starting points and if I wasn’t persistent enough to reach fruition.

I am by no means representing myself as a successful entrepreneur or a corporate manager. I am a regular person who has a regular job (for now) and who lives a very regular life. But to get to this life I still had to invest a lot of time and effort. I still remember making $200 a month in Siberia back in Russia about 12 years ago. I had to work extremely hard and try all sorts of things to get myself out of there.

Health, Mind & Body
September 12
Vitalik Demin
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Customer Reviews

Vikes18 ,

Very valuable

Great job! Quick read, straight to the point, and examples are relevant helping put things into perspective. Highly recommend!

BJS923 ,

Nice reminder that every journey begins with a single step

Simple but true words of wisdom from someone who has created more than one successful start in his own interesting and unconventional journey. Vitaly provides a few real examples and ties it all together with some practical steps readers can take to create their own future - if they’re willing to take that very first step. Vitaly’s advice applies to a variety of situations we all face at home, our career, our health and anywhere else.

@princesssss.zee ,


I applaud the author for his candid detail and vulnerability in telling his story. I found myself nodding my head as I tagged along on his journey of growth and self discovery.

It's a beautiful thing when you break through the noise, gain momentum and claim your personal sliver of success in this world, no matter how big or small the victory.

Time well spent!

Because of this book, I am inspired and will be publishing my own.

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