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We need answers—answers that are sure and dependable, answers that bring goodness and contentment. Today, perhaps more than ever before, the human condition has been confused and in turmoil. We are longing for essential aspects to fulfill our needs, but often fall short of the true fulfillment. We are created with core longings that were designed to be ultimately fulfilled by God. However, we have been hurt by bad relationships, abuse and neglect, unfulfilled promises, and shortcomings of our own contrived pursuits. As we begin the Created For series, we will introduce these six core longings and begin with the focus on significance. My prayer is that you will find healing for your soul and restoration for your spirit.

“Dr. Robert Shaw has spent his life in the people-helping business. He has a unique ability to key in on the many dynamics of the human condition and the biblical answers that can help individuals become all that God truly intends them to be. In this work, he introduces and expounds upon human core longings: love, significance, security, understanding, purpose, and belonging. In a culture that has become narcissistic and driven by ‘what’s in it for me,’ Dr. Shaw reveals what it means to live a truly meaningful life based on identifying and honoring these God-given core longings. In your quest for the experience of the truth as revealed in Scripture and most importantly in Christ, this work will provide you with a clear pathway to genuine satisfaction from the inside out in a way that brings glory to the One who created you for eternal significance.”
—Mark J. Chironna, MA, Ph.D., Senior Pastor and Life Coach, Church on the Living Edge, Orlando, Florida

“Dr. Shaw writes with eloquent simplicity on a complex matter of God’s creative design. He has gathered nuggets of truth and packaged them for both scholarly and practical consumption, as a source of being reminded of our God-given significance. As a consummate clinician and a devout minister of the gospel, he possesses a rare capacity to write with a full measure of the spiritual savvy to discern and articulate timeless truths with grace and contemporary relevance. Everyone will be well served to drink deeply from this well of wisdom.”
—Adrian F. Starks, Senior Pastor, World Victory International Christian Center, Greensboro, North Carolina

May 30
WestBow Press

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