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Designed as a set of practical tutorials for beginners and advanced photographers alike, this Digital iBook is full of creative photographs illuminated with Off-Camera Flash. Several setup pull-backs, diagrams, charts and descriptive text will guide you on your personal journey into the creative world of Off-Camera Flash.

From start to finish, you will be enthralled by the elegant simplicity of the straight forward instructional content. 

Learn essential tools for stunning, but easily attainable lighting techniques. Techniques developed over a period of 30 plus years of professional photography and electronic strobe design engineering experience.

A former New Product Design Engineer for the Vivitar Corp., David Lloyd, CPP will unravel and simplify by example, the practical and technical mysteries of speed light based, flash photography.

A must have Book you will love reading and referring to often as you set your course on the adventurous path of creative OCF photography. With over a 160 pages packed full of color and black and white photographs, expertly rendered for full and rich color and gray scale tone values, this is a book you won’t be able to put down, a compilation of over 30 years of professional photographic and lighting experience.

A technically sound and creatively inspiring book you will refer to time and time again. A must have creative reference book for every photographer interested in Off Camera Flash.

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November 1
David Lloyd Photography Book Publishing Co.
David Lloyd

Customer Reviews

Flexnds ,

Amazing book for both amateur and professional photographers!

This book is jam packed with lighting setups, diagrams, tutorials, camera settings, information on equipment, and tons of great information. The book is well written, easy to understand, and provides the reader with information that they can apply right away. I love it!

DL Photo ,

Creative OCF Lighting Techniques for Photographers

I just received your amazing book in the mail. Very professionally packaged and unscathed. Wow is this book worth the money.
I almost want to put on white gloves while looking through it. Don't want to smudge anything it is so beautifully done. I will proudly place this on our coffee table as a piece of art really. It really will spruce up the interior design of the place. And just looking through
It quickly so far, I am completely excited to soak up some of your wisdom and inspiration.
Jeff Tonniges