Creatures of the Night: Erotic Horror Collection

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Publisher Description

**This is an erotic reimagining of two classic horror stories.**

The Creatures of The Night: Erotic Horror Collection includes:
1. Dracula: In the Flesh
2. Frankenstein: Unleashed

"It's Victorian Gothic Horror with extra blood, extra sex, you know, all the good sh*t. We do all the badass stuff you'd expect, but we're wearing corsets." – Tracey H. Kitts, talking about her T.K. Hardin books.

"Centuries of time could not prepare me to once again stand in the presence of the woman I loved enough to splinter my soul." - Dracula

"The loneliness of centuries was in his kiss and a passion hotter than any flame burned in his eyes." - Mina

As soon as he saw her face, Dracula knew the ritual was a success. After all these long years, his love has returned to him. However, many things (such as Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker) stand in the way of their happiness. Sure, he could kill them all and take what he wants. However, his greatest desire is not to possess Mina, but to love her and have her return his love. After all, he gave his soul for her reincarnation. Can Dracula win her heart a second time? Or, will his curse keep them apart forever?

Mina has dreamed of him all her life. But what will she do when she learns her dark prince is real? What will happen when she knows him, not as a dream, but in the flesh?

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, and graphically described sex. This is NOT ONLY a romance novel, although there is a strong romance involved. This is Erotic Horror and might offend some readers. If you've always wanted to get it on with Dracula, this might be your new jam.

Note: This title was previously published. This is the 10 year anniversary edition, re-edited and with extra content, including a bonus never before published extended ending.

Possible triggers: group sex (f/f/f/m) with a werewolf, monster sex, rough sex, blood play (mild) I mean, it's vampires, historically accurate terminology, brief f/f action, intense graphic violence, sexual torture, graphically described sex (m/f), voyeurism, and basically everything that happens to Jonathan Harker.

Frankenstein: Unleashed

Elizabeth has kept her family secret well. As the last in a long line of witches, her dreams are prophetic. And Elizabeth dreams of murder. She knows that men are being killed exactly as she sees in her visions, but she has no means to stop their slaughter. Her dreams are not the only thing troubling her. With an engagement to Victor Frankenstein that has lasted for years, she has begun to believe that her destiny lies elsewhere. That destiny is revealed in her dreams in one instant and taken away in the next. Grief-stricken and afraid, she follows where her heart leads ... to the body of Victor's latest experiment.

Scarred at a young age by the death of his beloved mother, Victor Frankenstein has become fascinated with the possibility of bringing the dead back to life. After years of secret research, he has achieved some small measure of success. Though, he should have been more careful when he chose his last victim. For Elizabeth accidentally gives life to the creation that Victor could not. He awakens with no memory, a body not his own, and only the name that she gives him ... Lucian.

Warning: This story contains graphic violence, sex, and some graphic language.

Fiction & Literature
July 3
Tracey H. Kitts
Draft2Digital, LLC

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