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Looking for Spanish Novels?

I know how tough it is to find good readings to learn a new language.
You don't usually have a large vocabulary or are able to read long and complex sentences.
You'd like to go right to the fun stuff, but maybe it's too hard for you now.
A typical Spanish reader isn't interesting or just plain boring.
But this book is not like that.

Learning with Spanish Novels is easy and straightforward. Forget about difficult long texts with English-translations. This book for Spanish learners is not like that. It will take you to the next level in less time. That means less effort and struggling towards your way to fluency in Spanish. Improving your Spanish can be lots of fun. 

A Spanish Book for Intermediates (B1) Both Fun & Easy

Crimen en Barcelona is the book number 13 of the Spanish Novels Series. This Intermediate Spanish Reader is packed with useful expressions you need in everyday situations: greetings, asking questions, talking to friends, etc. Anyone who has an intermediate command of the Spanish language can take advantage of this book. You need to know conditionals, gerund, pluperfect and simple past tenses. Besides, in this book you will find longer and more complex sentences. 

Felipe Amador is the CEO of Alaires Airlines and the richest man in Barcelona. One night he's found dead in his office. Nobody knows how he died, but many think it could have been a crime. Two private detectives are hired by his son to find out everything about the case.

This Spanish Book for Intermediates will show you the most used grammar structures in different situations. As the difficulty level is just right you will learn and enjoy it at the same time. This Intermediate Spanish book will definitely help you work your way up toward more advanced readings.

Why Spanish Novels

Short sentences

Short chapters

Easy vocabulary

Simple grammar

Everyday dialogues

An Intermediate (B1) Spanish Reader in SIMPLE Spanish.

From the First Chapter:

El martes 1 de febrero nadie fue a trabajar a la aerolínea. A las 6.10am los empleados de Alaires Airlines recibieron la noticia en sus celulares:

"Lamentamos comunicarles que Felipe Amador ha fallecido. El día de hoy la compañía permanecerá cerrada por duelo"

La gente se sorprendió con la noticia. La mayoría de los empleados quería mucho a Felipe. Ahora todos están muy apenados.

Aparentemente, el CEO de la compañía apareció muerto en su propia oficina. Lo encontraron sin vida el lunes a las 11.40pm. Las empleadas de limpieza golpearon la puerta de su oficina durante media hora. Como no tuvieron respuesta llamaron a los empleados de seguridad. Ellos derribaron la puerta y entraron a la oficina. Lo vieron sentado en el sillón principal, con la cabeza sobre el escritorio. Desde la puerta le preguntaron: "Sr. Amador, ¿se encuentra bien?". Como no respondía se acercaron un poco más al escritorio. Cuando llegaron al sillón se dieron cuenta. Felipe no estaba respirando. Estaba muerto.

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October 4
Paco Ardit
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