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Literally all the greatest DC Universe heroes from across time and space join forces to stop a being more powerful than any they've ever faced! But with existence crumbling around them, this may be a fight that no one walks away from. Don't miss the classic story that altered the DCU forever!

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June 12
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jt011952 ,

Landmark Series

In 1984-1985 DC wanted to celebrate their 50th anniversary in a monumental fashion. They had acquired the rights to the characters from several other companies and wanted to work them into their own continuity which was already so convoluted and confusing that they felt the only way out was to “clean house” completely and reset their continuity. Thus Crisis on Infinite Earths was born. *Every* character that DC owned would appear at least once - over 640 of them. From Fawcet Comics DC had bought the original Captain Marvel Family, from the extinct Charleston Comics they had bought Captain Atom and the Blue Beetle (who was designed by Steve Ditko who also designed The Creeper, Marvel’s Dr. Strange and your friendly neighborhood Spider-man). In order to straighten things out they destroyed all the parallel earths and created a single earth with a consistent continuity. George Perez’s art is nothing less than phenomenal and he seems to excel in crowd scenes. There were 12 issues and some well-loved regulars met their end in its pages - the original Robin, Batman’s daughter Huntress, the Barry Allen Flash and Supergirl. The original Superman retired to a pocket dimension with his wife Lois Lane and the Superboy from Earth Prime. This Superboy later on went mad and nearly destroyed the Green Lantern Corps single handedly and killed some of the Teen Titans as well. Magnificent work. Read all 12 issues.

Sjdkdhwjx ,


New to reading comics and lost with the characters from the different multiverses (who is blue beetle psimon dr Polaris etc)but want to understand how they came to be. Just gonna have to keep reading

benablob ,


I hated it didn’t understand anything

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