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The masterwork of a brilliant career, and an important document of the crisis now facing mankind.

Today we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest crisis in the history of the human race. Technology has placed in our hands almost unlimited power at the very moment when we have run up against the limits of our resources aboard Spaceship Earth, as the crises of the late twentieth century—political, economic, environmental, and ethical—determine whether or not humanity survives. In this masterful summing up of an entire lifetime’s thought and concern, R. Buckminster Fuller addresses these crucial issues in his most significant, accessible, and urgent work.

Critical Path traces the origins and evolution of humanity’s social, political, and economic systems from the obscure mists of prehistory, through the development of the great political empires, to the vast international corporate and political systems that control our destiny today to show how we got to our present situation and what options are available to man. With his customary brilliance, extraordinary energy, and unlimited devotion, Bucky Fuller shows how mankind can survive, and how each individual can respond to the unprecedented threat we face today.

The crowning achievement of an extraordinary career, Critical Path offers the reader the excitement of understanding the essential dilemmas of our time and how responsible citizens can rise to meet this ultimate challenge to our future.

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September 15
The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller
The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller

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pookie777 ,

Critical Path: the culmination of brilliance

Here it is, BFs apex opus: synthesizes the planetary experience in time and projects forward several scenarios which primarily depend on mankind's level of consciousness and awakening.

It is clear that BF is the voice of nature riding on the rails of man’s values and technology...as always nature will win but will man survive or perish along the way..it truly is up to us and our choices.

If you yearn to deeply understand the complexity and interdependencies of our world, and it’s potential impacts on nature and our future...it is all here within the mind of a genius.

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