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“A must-read indictment of the ‘mob boss’ in the White House.” —The Guardian

“An indispensable and riveting insider’s account of one of the most dramatic and controversial periods in the history of the FBI. Crossfire Hurricane is a must-read for all Americans.” —Daniel Silva, New York Times bestselling author

“Campbell speaks both from the heart and experience. A dynamite read.” —Dan Rather, former anchor of CBS Evening News and bestselling author of What Unites Us

It is January 6, 2017, two weeks before the inauguration. Only a handful of people know about the Steele dossier, and the nation is bitterly divided by the election results. As rumors begin to circulate that something might be brewing with the newly elected president and Russia, FBI special agent Josh Campbell joins the heads of the US intelligence community on a briefing visit to Trump Tower in New York City. He does not yet know that this meeting will eventually lead to the firing of his boss, James Comey, or that within weeks his former boss Robert Mueller will be appointed to investigate collusion and obstruction of justice at the highest level. He does not yet know that the FBI will come under years of sustained attacks from the commander in chief of the very nation its agents have sworn to protect. But, from his unique position within the FBI, he will watch it occur.

In this gripping fly-on-the-wall narrative, Campbell takes readers behind the scenes of the earliest days of the Russia investigation—codename: Crossfire Hurricane—up to the present. Using both firsthand experience and reporting, he reveals fresh details about this tumultuous period; explains how the FBI goes about its work and its historic independence from partisan forces; and describes the increasing dismay inside the bureau as the president and his allies escalate their attacks on the agency. Appalled by Trump’s assault on the bureau’s credibility, Campbell left the FBI in 2018 to sound the alarm about unfair political attacks on the institutions that keep America safe.

Smart, clear, passionate, Crossfire Hurricane will captivate readers struggling to make sense of a news cycle careening out of control.

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September 17
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Customer Reviews

coastmedrn ,

The Book

Josh Campbell’s book speaks for itself. As you can see from one of the reviews there are people who are not rationale and they will never believe in facts vs belief.

musicfan_73 ,

Book of LIES.

Every word in this book will be proven false. When all of the documents involved in RussiaGate/FISAGate/SpyGate/ObamaGate are declassified, you will see there was a plan to frame a Presidential Candidate for colluding w/a foreign country to influence an election (when in reality, that was Obama/Clinton/Comey/Brennan/Strzok/Page/Ohr/McCabe, etc.) & a Deep State Coup to overthrow a duly elected President. You’ll see who was involved, who committed treason, who should & will be prosecuted. Keep in mind, Capital Punishment is given to treasonous traitors -which all of these evil players are. So, don't be surprised when Justice finds them. They never thought she would lose. Therefore, they never thought they’d get caught. Oops. Expect major distractions from the Media when the IG Reports come out & declassifications happen, of course. What heartbreaking, horrible false flag events will occur? How many MKUltra'd, drug-induced, Voice-Of-God, robotic patsies that shoot innocent people, do they have letf? Aren't they out of ammunition yet? What catastrophic trick will they pull from their sleeves this time? They certainly won't get the War they want w/Iran. Oh, it'll appear to be a War, if and when we hit - to the majority of the public, anyway. But those who are awake know that's just Trump dismantling the last of the Deep State black-sites. So, brace yourselves for anything. Author Josh Campbell is a Deep State puppet who left the FBI (where he was James Comey’s assistant) to work for of all places, CNN -the epicenter of fake news. Lies are their oxygen. -Once again proving establishment Media is part of the Deep State. They’re propaganda machines, DNC-arms, clown-shows, jokes. This book should be filed under & categorized as FICTION. This is just another pathetically desperate attempt to sway public opinion in one direction, w/pathetic lies. Sad! Meanwhile, nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. The truth shall prevail. Good will win over evil & 🙏🏼Thank God for President Trump. Oh, and F.U., Deep State MoFos. May you all rot in Hell, where you belong.

Factchecker123 ,

More propaganda

Don’t waste your money. You can google this fake info for free