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What would you do for ten million dollars?

I made a deal. One year of my life pretending to be a rich aristocrat in exchange for ten million pounds. Enough money to start over somewhere new. Enough money to disappear forever. It sounded simple, but being Kerrigan Belmond is more dangerous than I expected. 

Her world isn’t as perfect behind closed doors as it is on paper. I didn’t just sell one year of my life, I sold my virginity and soul to the enigmatic and manipulative Spencer Byrd. Being with him is only a temporary arrangement. My body shouldn’t tighten under his penetrating gaze. His touch shouldn’t electrify me. I should say no to his dirty demands, especially when they involve his cruel brother, Holden.

I should keep my distance from both.  Instead, I keep playing their twisted game, knowing pleasure is the prize. Plus, I need Holden to spill the secret he’s keeping, especially since he might know the truth behind Kerrigan’s absence. But if he does, that means he knows the truth about me, too. 

There’s a bigger problem, though. The longer I pretend to be Kerrigan, the harder it is to remember the fortune, the fame, and the brothers aren’t mine—and that if I make one wrong move, I lose everything.

From New York Times bestseller Geneva Lee comes the next deliciously dirty book in her all-new Dynasties series. Full of shocking twists, sizzling chemistry, forbidden pleasure, and an ending you'll never see coming...

July 27
Estate Publishing
Geneva Lee, LLC

Customer Reviews

Army Spouse ,

Dirty Girl

Definitely is…Kate is in over her head, literally. She is mixed up in sexual feelings for both brothers, but she does not know who is she and want she wants, only desires. This is the 2nd book in the dynasty. No spoilers here, cannot wait for the finale. Where is Kerrigan and who is Kate?

Shauny AvaG ,

Mesmerizing Read

Wow! What can I say? Geneva Lee took me on a journey through, mystery, intrigue, secrets, deception and some really hot 🔥 steamy scenes. This book had me mesmerized from start to finish and what an explosive ending this was. Who knows what’s really going on, who played what part and what really happened? Yes, it was that kind of story, connecting the puzzle pieces. I had my suspicions from book 1 but I was still stunned with the revelation. You are a mastermind Geneva Lee and this book is simply a masterpiece and now I’m on edge, just waiting for that bombshell conclusion.

Samantha B. Sokol ,

I was NOT expecting this cliffhanger!

I was NOT expecting this cliffhanger! While the first book had me intrigued, this second book in the trilogy had me somewhat confused as to where the storyline was going, but the cliffhanger pulled it all together for me and knocked me off my socks! This installment really focuses on Kate integrating herself more into Kerrigan’s life while also appeasing the father and the requirements in her contract. It’s there that we find Kate really questioning who Kerrigan is and why she left her life and is unwilling to return outside of the arranged marriage. We also see the love triangle between Kate, Spencer, and Holden continues to evolve, especially after we see Kate and Holden spend time together and he calls her out on who she really is. I can’t decide who I see her with more, as both brothers have strengths and weaknesses regarding their personalities combined with Kate’s. Again, this cliffhanger truly made the book for me and has me itching to get my hands on the final book to get some answers – not only who Kate ends up with, but what actually happened to Kerrigan!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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