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Falling in love can be a bewitch.

“Pretty Little Liars meets The Craft.” ~ School Journal review

The Noah girls have beauty, powers, and brains.
They use all three to play their games.
They blow the dust,
the boys are crushed,
and no one is ever the same. 

A delightful mix of magic and romance with a twist of suspense enjoyed by all ages.

Kristen and her sisters play a thrilling game each year to see who is the brightest witch in their household. They each pick a boy, blow magical dust in his face, and compel them to do their bidding. But being a senior is harder than Kristen imagined. Everyone seems to want something from her, and she’s being pulled in several different directions. So it isn’t that much of a shocker when she gets angry and blows pink dust into the wrong boy’s face.

Zach Bevian, also know as tall, dark, and scary, is the exact opposite of the boy she should have chosen as her pawn. He’s too strong willed, too angry, and way too gorgeous. Worse yet, Zach is hiding something, a secret darker than hers. The question is, will she find love with him or will her reckless choice get her killed?


"I've come to love her writing. She putsjust the right amount or humor, drama, and action in, with a beautifulparanormal storyline and strong plot. Breathtaking romances." 
              -I Heart YA books

"This book is a fastpaced adventure that hooks you in and keeps you reading... cannot wait to read more."
             -A Tale of Many Reviews

"Overall, Crushed is a quick and interesting read..."
            -Readiing with ABC

"I am LOVING this book! The alternating POVs between the two main protagonists hooked me on this story almost immediately..."
            -The Book Hookup

"I found the twists in the story very entertaining and really did not see them coming, which is always a fantastic treasure find when you read a lot."
             -Cubicle Blindness

"Crushed lived up to my every expectation."
              -Just One More Chapter

"I feel the characters are well developed and easy to relate to, which makes for an enjoyable read. I really loved this book."
              -The Reading Diaries

"If you want a great book of magic, popularity, and magic, read this book. You will adore the bad boy Zach, see the envy of the sisters, and learn that dark magic just creeps around the world. I give it 5 Bites."
              -Books with Bite

Young Adult
August 4
CTP Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Maribel @ Platypire Reviews ,

4 Platypires

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***

I'll start by stating that the characters start out a little cliched at the beginning. You have your popular girl who rules the school and you have your typical bad boy who's secretly not horrible. Oh and they hate each other, or that's what they think. I'm glad to say that as the book progresses, their cliched personalities get left behind. They develop into their true characters, who have motives and things that influence their actions.

I felt at times, though, that Kristen was a bit bipolar. Her and Brittany both act that way, actually. One moment they could be putting up with each other, and the next they could both be swapping insults and threats. They were like this before the troubles in the book made it justifiable.

On the other hand, there were many aspects of this book that I truly did enjoy. At first I felt sorry for Morgan, then I grew suspicious, and then I knew her for the character that she truly was. Although I didn't like her character, I certainly admired how well she had everyone completely fooled. Zach was definitely one of my favorite characters because you can tell he cares for his sister and tries his best to protect her and take care of her. He has an intensity about him, especially at the beginning where you can almost feel how he feels, particularly his anger and disgust.

The other part I really loved was the mystery behind Brittany's actions and what Morgan's story and motives are. There is a huge tangle of lies in this book that get unraveled one by one as the book progresses. It all developed at a steady rate and had a satisfying ending. Crushed get 4/5 Platypires!

lonely boyy ,



Liberty Levi Leveritt ,


This book is great!!!! I loved it!!!!!

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