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Hilen, you, too, are a child of darkness, a daughter of Atlantis through the blood of the Black Angel and her lovers. Kings sired you and Dragon queens birthed you. Upon thorny beds of fire, rage, and fury were you conceived. For the curing of hearts and giving of wisdom these scrolls, the Cry of the Eagle Spirits, are preserved down to this day for your kind. ~your sister, Chasileah
Atlantis? Black Angel? A child borne from kings & Dragon queens? What tale is this that continues to unfold?
Was Atlantis real, as many have claimed for centuries? If so, what pivotal role does it play in the revealing of the world’s history? The claim of its destruction...just Earth’s natural forces, or a cataclysm of another sort?
And who is this Black Angel, and what part does it play on Future’s fickle road? What of the sixteen who emerge from the ashes of EpiphanOida’s funeral pyre unscathed? How do they affect earth’s eventual destiny? Before her murder, EpiphanOida called these sixteen ‘gods in the flesh of mortals, Haudenosaunez’ and that the world would never again be the same. Upon EpiphanOida’s funeral pyre, Sodasonie, one of the Sky Children, declares to the sixteen, ‘Today you become the Haudenosaunez - gorgons and werewolves.’
For what purpose are these Haudenosaunez released upon the world? What abilities do they possess? Are they there to control the masses or prevent world domination by the Hormaxians, Legion’s horde of priests? Are they a figment of a wild imagination, mere myth, or humans with extraordinary powers, stealing about in the shadows through the ages?
The Cry of the Eagle Spirits, Volume II, scrolls preserved to reveal those ages, continues to unfold one of mankind’s greatest hidden mysteries. Follow along and discover with Hilen the truth about the history of good and evil on this planet. As generations come and go, and kingdoms rise and fall, see what has played out behind the scenes as two sides struggle to move events...the Hormaxians to prepare the planet for their god-king, Asotos, and the Haudenosaunez to hold them back for the appointed hour to preserve freedom for the world of humankind so that it does not fade from existence.

Fiction & Literature
July 17
Ava D. Dohn
Smashwords, Inc.

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