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Steeped in Finnish and Russian mythology, Cry of the Firebird is a fantasy that would appeal to fans of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, C.Gockel's I Bring the Fire series and Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch.
"On a fairy tale level, Cry of the Firebird displays a gleeful innocence, but this is far from a Disney rendition of the Grimm stories. It's an adult novel,from the first word to the very last. Kuivalainen starts her narrative with the roots of Russian mythology, deftly blending in Grimm tales, classic Greek and Norse mythology, and a real world setting with satisfying results. From the first page, a perilous plot of powers, magic, and monsters is promised. Kuivalainen in no way reneges on that promise." Four Stars -Self Publishing Review

"Fantasy fans will likely enjoy Anya's adventures, which feature novel supernatural elements in a modern setting...the story incorporates a fair share of surprises, and never fails to provide new scenes featuring bloodshed and strange new creatures." Kirkus Reviews
After the murder of Anya's shaman grandfather, Tuoni the Finnish God of the Dead, arrives to give her a mission; awaken her magic and take up the family mantle of Gate Keeper to Skazki, the Otherworld, before monsters and dark gods break in and start a war in the real world. 
Joined by Yvan, a Skazki prince who can transform into the legendary firebird, Anya is hunted by the prince's dark-magic-wielding brother, and they are forced to flee to Skazki for safety. There, they meet a host of friendly and hostile forces, and Anya learns the secret history of her family. 
Anya's magic is unstable, and she finds herself returning to the real world, bringing all of her new enemies with her...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 31
Amy Kuivalainen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

WendyKingston ,


This is a truly excellent book that will be loved by those who like sci fi / fantasy & those who don't. The characters are alive and feel very real, the settings full of vibrancy, the dialog lively. I was shocked that this was in the free section, as not only is this worth paying for, but I have already spread word to friends and family that they will enjoy it too.
The next 2 books in this series are available, but I had to go to Amazon to get them. I devoured the series quickly. Anyone attracted to various mythologies will enjoy the characters. This is not a Thor & Freyja against the world type of book. It is full of delightful mythologies from many parts of the world, all combined in a great story.

Virhel2015 ,

Real good disappointed apple doesn’t sell series

Couldn’t put down

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