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Discovering the core desires behind your goals results in fresh inspiration and natural motivation to craft the life that you want. 

This book will walk with you through a short 7-step process that will help you determine what you truly want, uncover the obstacles to achievement, and deeply understand the core motivational drivers behind your goals. 

Quickly Uncover Your Core Desires & Real Motivational Drivers So That Goal Achievement is Natural & Fun. 

Quickly Discover Your Core Desires & Find Natural Drive To Achieve Your Goals 

Become Completely Clear & End Doubt About Your Direction & Purpose in Life 

Learn The Secret To Taking Massive Action Toward Your Goals 

Uncover Fresh Inspiration & Enthusiasm for Achieving Your Goals 

Identify The Key Obstacles To Designing Your Own Lifestyle 

Avoid The Confusion, Complication & Pitfalls Of Traditional Goal-Setting Practices

Overcome Procrastination to Taking Action Toward Your Goals 

Become Aware of What Keeps People Unmotivated & Learn The Insights on How to Avoid The Same Mistakes 

End Self-Sabotage By Aligning With Your Key Motivational Drivers So That Moving Toward Your Goals Is Fun & Exciting 

Learn A Simple Way To Convert Limitations Into Strengths and Realize Fresh Creative Energy & Confidence 

A Simple & Powerful Process of Self-Discovery That Helps You Uncover Your Heart's True Desires 

Overview & Content 

Many people have trouble staying motivated to consistently work toward the achievement of their goals. Often times, this is because they are focused on the wrong goals or they are focused on the right goals in the wrong way. 

Needing to "increase motivation" becomes unnecessary when you strike what inspires and motivates you to take action naturally. 

When you do that, “goal achievement" becomes fun and filled with excitement. 

This book will also help you uncover hidden beliefs that stand in the way of realizing your dreams as well. 

There is also a method on how to begin to change those limiting beliefs. 

This technique is presented in a direct, no-fluff approach, along with examples and personal stories to guide you through this eye-opening process, which many people find to be life changing. 

This 7 step process can be completed in 20-30 minutes. 

It is designed to help you get correctly oriented toward your outcome and give you a 360-degree perspective of your goal, before you set out on your mission. 

It will eliminate much of the confusion and complication with identifying what you want and help you avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional “goal-setting" practices. 

You'll also learn a bit about beliefs and begin to notice that you're beliefs about your goals are not facts and can be changed to better serve you. 

This is an excellent starting point for someone who is now ready to begin to change their life or for anyone looking to set out on a new journey. 

This is the exact same place that I start with my coaching clients. It works wonderfully if you simply follow the directions. 

You will walk away with a renewed sense of clarity, inspiration and motivation to live the life you truly want. 

I invite you to notice that every moment that you're not aligned with your core desires is time wasted pursuing someone else's dream. 

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July 16
Ken Wells
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