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Her memories are blocked. Her freedom is gone. Her crime is a mystery.When Ming Dalamani awakens from twenty years of suspended animation, she recalls only fragments of her former life: the life she led before she was arrested by the governing interplanetary corporation, Renasco, for a now unremembered crime.Relocated to an alien world far from the only home she has ever known, Ming serves a powerful Renasco representative to repay her debt. But daily she lives with deadly threats from two men—the hideous mutant Zardir Huekk and the handsome, secretive musician Tieg Innig—who both want the same thing: information. Renasco-trained as a calligrapher in three dimensions, Ming begins to remember more: a clan, a mission, and interstellar piracy.Ming must decide where her loyalties lie: with her powerful new employer, with a budding resistance movement... or elsewhere.

Fiction & Literature
June 16
Enclave Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Book of Ruth Ann ,

A giant chess match with a romantic ending!

When Ming awakens it is twenty years after her ‘trial’. She feels disoriented and hurts all over. It was not going to be easy to train her hands to calligraphy in the short time her new employer required.

There is much intrigue happening in the background of her new residence. It is like a giant chess match with multiple players.

Ming felt like she didn’t have many choices. I liked Ming because she was loyal to her morals despite the political opponents trying to use her.

I liked that she made a loyal friend. This helped her learn more about the cultural expectations, new skills, and, unexpectedly, receive an important clue to the situation.

There is a creepy man in Crystal Witness that I did not like because he threatens Ming in her room even though the door was locked.

The love interest was an interesting character. I liked the way he treated Ming.

I loved the imagery the author used in this novel because it made the book more visually appealing. The ending was so satisfying!

“Awed, Ming gazed down a long aisle. Under her feet, an ancient carpet runner woven in filigree designs stretched ahead fifty meters. To left and right of that runner stood ceiling-high shelves filled with books. Antique relics, freighted across space at incredible cost.”

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are completely my own.

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