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Crystals for Beginners: The New Ultimate Guide to Understanding The Amazing Healing Benefits of Crystals

From ancient cultures to modern day creatives, people have been aware of the metaphysical properties of crystals and special gemstones and subsequently connected to them for unique and profound effects. Today, many people wear crystals as pendants and energy protecting gems to keep themselves centered, aligned, and protected from harmful energies and intentions.

The electromagnetic, metaphysical, and spiritual properties of crystals are something that will be explored throughout these chapters, providing you with a strong understanding and integration of how to harness their healing energy for your own results. We will explore a variety of individual gemstones and how each holds a specific vibration and frequency, merging the wisdom with practical, easily implementable, and down to earth yet high vibration raising exercises to assist in all aspects of life.

Crystals are conscious entities and they have been formed and created for our use. There is no better time than now to connect to them.

What also contributes to the power of stones is the power of belief. Whatever you believe in, positive or negative, tends to come to pass. All over earth precious and semi-precious stones and crystals are found. They are not just there for us to enjoy their beauty, but we also can learn how to take advantage of the power and energy locked inside of them.

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Origin and Foundations

The Elements and Energies

Harnessing Energy Fields and Crystals

How to Select Crystals

How Healing Crystals Work

Crystals for Love, Passion and Emotional Connection

For Wealth and Manifestation

Meditation for Empowering Cleansing Crystals

And Much Much More..

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May 1
Sylvia Knight
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