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One day, I was typing a paper on my laptop, and I sensed Lydia, ease up to me. Glancing up, she leaned down and kissed me full on the lips. Then she bent down and hugged me.

“Wish me luck, Love”—she was fond of calling me by my last name—“I’m off to the gym for the final cut.”

Shocked, I uttered, “Good luck. They’re crazy if they don’t pick you for head cheerleader.”

“Thank you, baby.” She spun around and stuck her choice derriere out. “Rub my butt for good luck.”

With my jaw dragging the floor, I reached out and touched the sacred territory known as Livingdoll’s prime @ss.

After I massaged the wondrous object for thirty seconds, she straightened up. “That’s enough. We don’t want me to get worked up, do we?”

We don’t? “Of course not, but why don’t you let me kiss it for extra good luck.”

She giggled in that girly laugh I found so endearing. “You want to kiss my @ss for good luck?”

I smiled. “Can’t hurt.”

“Okay, I’ve told enough boys to kiss my @ss over the years, but I never had one actually do it.” She bent over sticking her rear out even further. I was stunned. I’d gone that far so I decided to push it. “No, it has to be bare skin to bring luck.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed, but her thumbs hooked over the top of her shorts and she pushed them down. “How’s that?”

I challenged her, “A little further, panties too.” I scooted back from the desk. “Here bend over the desk.”

She pushed the shorts and panties down to her thighs and bent over the desk almost lying flat.

What a sight. I laid both hands upon Lydia’s silky cheeks and sighed as I inhaled her sensual bouquet.

Fiction & Literature
March 20
New Dawning Books
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