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Cups & Glasses - a simple story about how to do relationships better

It’s the little things that matter in a relationship. Those simple moments where the relationship is defined are often ignored, overlooked, or most often dismissed. We rarely catch the significance of those seemingly innocuous exchanges, yet they are the moments that build over time into an insurmountable wall, a blockage that stops effective communication between two sides who used to be just one.
Communication skills that lead to effective communication, all over coffee cups and polka dotted glasses

Cups & Glasses is a true story about one of those seemingly insignificant exchanges between a husband and wife – over the dishwasher, and how loading cups into the dishwasher defines the value of a relationship. Or, so it seems to one side without the skills of communication critical to getting along. And that’s the truth in every relationship: one side feels that the other side doesn’t appreciate the work, the care, the devotion as much as they do, and it’s mainly from ineffective communication.
So how can it be fixed?

It’s all about learning that what’s important to you needs to be important, or at the very least appreciated, by the other side of the relationship. Meaningful exchanges (peppered with a good dose of practical communication skills learned over 20 years of bliss) can make all the difference in a marriage.
A short but powerful “read-while-you-wait-in-line-for-a-latte” book

Written in a casual, story form, author, blogger and consultant, Owen D Baker takes us into their kitchen on an ordinary morning. He’s let us not only be the mouse in the corner, but moreso a student who can watch and learn how to make the art of the dance where so many of us trip over the partner who dances with us. The skills of communication in any relationship are what can take ordinary annoyances and turn them into greater understanding.

These “while-you-wait-in-line”© mini books give quick, practical, yet powerful teaching to give readers perspective, encouragement, and invaluable communication skills for their daily lives. Whether waiting for your morning latte, the train, or just when you can steal just a few moments, Cups & Glasses will entertain, teach a simple lesson for effective communication in any relationship.

March 6
Owen D Baker
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