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Publisher Description

Curio, written by Evangeline Denmark, is the story of Grey Haward’s struggles to keep her friends and family safe from their totalitarian government while she’s at home, and from afar. After her friend Whit is taken by a patrol for breaking curfew, Grey is willing to give him her ration of the potion that allows citizens to digest their food, believing she is like her grandfather and father, who don’t need the potion. After being accused of ration dealing, Grey is on the run and becomes trapped in Curio City with the upper-class "Porcies" and ragged, lower-class clockwork people. She is befriended by another trapped human, Blaise, and they must escape together, or the porcelain Lord Blueboy will try to take her power of being unbreakable by force. Grey needs to return to her own world before her friends and family lose their lives.

Young Adult
January 5
Grades 10 and Above

Customer Reviews

Tome Tender ,

highly imaginative steampunk

Grey has lived under the oppression of the Chemist her entire life. When she is attacked by werewolf type creatures, her best friend, Whit, comes to her rescue sending Whit into a night of hellish punishment and Grey drawing the attention of the Chemist.

The Chemist attack Grey’s family sending Grey running to her grandfather’s shop and accidently sucked into an alternate universe through the Curio. The new world is inhabited by clockwork people and Grey soon discovers she’s ran herself right into another tyrannical society.

The story jumps back and forth between the Chemist world with Whit’s discoveries and Grey’s exploration, captivity and discoveries in the clockwork world.

I’m a big Steampunk fan so this story seemed right up my ally. The overall premise was amazing with highly imaginative and original ideas that would completely blow you away if you weren’t feeling, well, confused. Denmark takes a huge undertaking not just creating one world but two and I think that is where it lost me. Separately, both worlds were very interesting but the jumping back and forth caused a low in the pace. I’m giving Curio 3.5 stars. I was caught between liking it and really liking it.

I received this copy of Curio from Zonderkidz-Books - Blink. This is my honest and voluntary review.

MishkaPod ,

Fabulous! Read in one sitting!

I didn't know much about Steampunk before I read this book, but I have to say I love the genre! I read this book in one sitting! Couldn't stop reading it as soon as I started! It got better and better. It has a great storyline, wonderful characters, action and romance! I thought the author did very well establishing her characters and the worlds in the book. Some say there's a lot going on with switching from world to world, but to me it was completely clear. She also has a novella "Mark of Blood and Alchemy" which would add to this story but is not necessary if you haven't read it before this one. Not all books I read get this, but this one got a sigh of contentment from me at the end and I'm really hoping there will be a sequel!

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