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By his own admission, Johan’s always been one stubborn bastard. He’s wedded to his freedom, and the thought of bonding with a dragon has some pretty serious downsides. If he doesn’t sign on to become magical, though, he’ll be left behind—also not an acceptable outcome.

Distant relatives to dragons, sea-serpents are gaining strength shockingly fast. Breeding farms spring up on distant outposts, spitting out all manner of evil. Banished eons ago by the dragon god, the serpents are making a comeback. As the dragons seek allies, they uncover still more atrocities.

Katya, dragon shifter and twin to the dragons’ prince, thought she wanted Johan as her mate, but he has more rough edges than she counted on. Besides, the serpent problem supersedes everything. She’s used to dragons being in charge, but when a serpent almost steals her will, it’s quite the wakeup call her magic isn’t as potent as she always assumed.

Is the age of dragons drawing to a close? If that’s true, what will come next?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 14
Ann Gimpel Books, LLC
Ann Gimpel Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

hibdww ,

Great paranormal adventure

Entertaining from start to finish. I read this from beginning to end without putting it down. Johan and Katya looked have a great relationship in the making in Feral Ice, but in Cursed Ice, their story is much more. Their closeness develops into a full fledged romance as they battle the sea serpents that have infested Earth and the outer worlds. The question is, will they survive their battles with the sea serpents in the outer worlds to even make it back to Earth or will others have to take up the battle to save Earth in their stead.

This book can be read as a stand-alone novel, but it’s much better read after Feral Ice as it builds on the elements in that book.

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