Cursed Vampire's Kiss

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A vampire possessed with a shadow spirit.  A feisty, headstrong royal whose blood can open up the dark realm. A passionate bond that can't be extinguished...

Micheline Lambert

In a blink of an eye, my life turned upside down. I just wanted to go to school. Well, maybe have a few more hurricanes and experience some awesome sex. One tragic night changed everything, and I stepped up to handle the family business. Unfortunately, unlike a job, the mafia won't allow you to walk away. You are in for life. But you know what they say. The road down under is paved with good intentions. Guess what I got for my good intentions? My favorite shirt soaked in my own blood and my cold lifeless limbs frozen as I slipped into darkness's embrace. The Shadow Spirits want me, and they will do anything to get me. Good, because I want revenge, and this time, the blood covering me will not be my own.

Domenico Beneventi

Ever since I became a vampire, I knew that I would never find my one true mate. The one the goddess designed just for me. I never thought that it was so bad. A ton of booze, fast meaningless sex and fighting for our species made everything clear. At least, it was until the bottom of the cardboard box fell out. Betray so deep that when the dust settled, my life was irrevocably changed. I have never been good with taken order. Especially from those that seek to kill me, and everyone that I love. There is a war among us immortals, and it has been waged for many decades. We immortals are not the biggest scariest species on the planet. The Shadow Spirits are here, and if we can't put our differences aside, then the destruction of Earth will just be the beginning. Cursed Vampire's Kiss is the second book in the Royal Queens of New Orleans series, a dark paranormal mafia romance featuring a feisty, resourceful female and a commanding, alpha vampire who might be his salvation or damnation. If you like action-packed vampire romance with thrilling suspense, then you need Cursed Vampire's Kiss now.

If you have not read Cursed Vampire's Touch, please read that book first before reading this one. Cursed Vampire's Touch can be purchased this book.

July 22
Millennial Publishing LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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