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Commander Stavros Rii of the Kindred is a Sin Eater--thick black lines cover his back and neck causing him to feel the pain of others. It is a curse that threatens to shorten his life and makes him unable to bond with a female--not that he's ever found one he wants to bond with. Until he meets Charlie.

Charlie Sayers is an agent with the Earth Protection Bureau-- and anti Kindred agency dedicated to ridding the world of the big aliens. Charlie joined the EPB out of a sense of patriotism but she has her own reasons to hate the Kindred.

But she has bigger problems than the Kindred at the moment--the Enhanced Ones have come to Earth and they're planning to take over the planet, enslave the inhabitants and strip them of all emotion. Charlie can't have that so she agrees to go undercover with Stavros to find the Heart of Love--an artifact which can destroy their mutual enemy forever.

On their dangerous and difficult mission, Charlie learns that going undercover with your worst enemy can rapidly turn him into your best friend...or your lover. Can she hold on to her beliefs and stay true to herself, or will she lose her heart to Stavros? And even if she gives in to desire, will Stav be able to bond her to him?
Or are they Cursed to be apart forever?

October 31
Evangeline Anderson
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R. Manor ,

Cursed: Brides of The Kindred 13

Cursed is the thirteenth book in the Kindred Bride Series by Evangeline Anderson and they just keep getting better and better. One of the things I love is I once again get to be reimmersed into the hypnotic, familiar yet continually surprising worlds the author has built for us,. Never disappointed I know I am going to enjoy the next adventure, new planets, worlds, aliens, etc. each new book in the series brings. I highly recommend reading these books in order as many of the characters and some of the story loops play significant roles in all the books.

In Cursed we are still dealing with the evil Dark Kindred, Two who is also possessed by the demon Ur. Two/Ur has succeeded in creating a war between earth and the Kindred including a ban on calling brides from earth. Ur's plan to take over and enslave the earth is starting to become a reality.

Staveros is a rare "Sin Eater" Kindred who your heart goes out to. Genetically inheriting a debilitating curse to suffer feeling others pain, he is shunned by his family and planet at a tender young age. Staveros is forced to live as an abomination with the knowledge that because all he must endure, he will die at an early age. Cursed Kindred do not take a mate and live lonely lives because of this.

Despite all this Staveros grows into the gorgeous, brave, sensual hot alpha Kindred Commander who finds himself the key to ridding the world of the evil Ur. I took an immediate liking to Staveros, he has overcome many challenges to become a perfect hero, loyal warrior, gentlemen when he has to be (even better when he is not), and even has a sense of humor.

Charlie is used to dangerous situations being in law enforcement. Currently enforcing rules now against the Kindred due to the recent war with earth . Challenging situations bring out the best in people and Charlie isn't one to shy away from one.
I enjoyed Charley is a spirited,witty, kickass sharp tongued heroine with the right touch of attitude and femininity.

Charlie and Staveros try to ignore the immediate sparks of attraction. The pace at which their feelings toward each other grows in strength is gradual allowing us to get to know them in more depth, becoming more invested in their story. Their lust and desire for each other becomes overwhelming when they find themselves on a critical mission that involves posing as a couple at an alien retreat for troubled couples.

Evangeline's books always rate over 5 on the OMG hotness scale, and this book is no exception. Nothing like having to perform steamy hot acts for an important mission ( saving the world), to relieve a girl of her inhibitions and reservations. Have some fans around and don't be surprised to find yourself breathless at times. Nobody writes sexy hot scenes that tie in so well to the characters and plot lines as Evangeline Anderson.

Cursed is a fast paced, high energy engrossing story involving mystery, thrilling (at times scary) action and adventure. Another great kindred romance with off the charts sizzling smexy, laced with lots of emotional heart tugging scenes, and many really funny scenes (especially love the food scenes at the alien couples retreat). The authors imagination and creativity never cease to amaze me.

If you love sci--fi adventure/ romance you will love this book. The mesmerizing worlds, characters, even alien foods and clothing provide the ultimate escape yet there is enough human touch, real relationships, emotions and situations to keep readers connected to the characters and the story.
Kindred Brides #13 is a real treat , Enjoy.
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